February 19, 2018

Free Worm Bin Community Workshop This Friday! (by Ben Santosa)

(This article was written by 8th grader Ben Santosa.  Thanks, Ben!)

Every year the students at Corbett are encouraged to complete something called Cardinal 3. Card 3 has various accomplishments in it that give you something to look back on and be proud of. There is a writing and speaking part in it, but the main one we’re going to focus on is the service part. Each class is supposed to come up with a service project that can impact the Corbett community in a positive way.

What service project will Houck’s class be doing, you may ask? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you about! (how convenient…) Houck’s class will be having a worm bin workshop thingamajig on Friday April 21, where we will teach the community how to make worm bins! We will provide the materials and you get to keep that hard piece of work you spent three hours on and bring it home!

“Ewwwwww, what are those worm bin thingies? Like, that sounds totally gross!” you might say. Well, a worm bin is literally a bin for worms. You feed the worms scraps and they poop out some very healthy, fertilized, enriched, tasty, good smelling dirt! The worm poop/dirt (woop? pirt?) is very healthy for plants and they love growing in it. You can also dispose of food waste in a relatively easy and environmentally positive way. (plus, it’s like breeding a little clan of worms. That’s fun, right?)

This whole project will also be mostly orchestrated by Houck’s 8th graders, which is pretty cool. Be sure to come to the middle school on April 21 at 9:00 A.M. if handling worms and their poop sounds remotely interesting to you!



Where: Middle School Commons

When: 9:00 Friday

What: Make worm bins and take them home

Who: Anyone can come!

Why: Reduce food waste and make great garden compost

Lucas Houck About Lucas Houck

Mr. Houck teaches in the middle school. He thinks it's the greatest place to be. Born and raised in Oregon, he enjoys camping, fishing, soccer and good food. He loves his wife, his baby boy, his work, and his friends!