February 21, 2018

Life in Houck’s Class – Week 33 by Jackson Minsker

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 6th grader Jackson Minsker.  Thanks, Jackson!

Last week all the 6th graders were at Outdoor School. Boy, was that wet but fun!

This week had state testing again on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It was not the most fun thing ever, because we had to do the test where you have to write an essay.

This week we also learned  about the reproductive system. Some of the kids in the class thought it was funny. We played Jeopardy on Thursday and the winners got gummy worms. My team didn’t win.

We also made Pokemon cards with real animals to learn about their classifications. Each person got a different animal and we will be sharing them in class. This was a fun project.

On Wednesday we had had a substitute teacher. Houck we missed you!

Next Tuesday, May 9th is teacher appreciation day. Thanks Houck for being an awesome teacher. This year has been fun.  

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Mr. Houck teaches in the middle school. He thinks it's the greatest place to be. Born and raised in Oregon, he enjoys camping, fishing, soccer and good food. He loves his wife, his baby boy, his work, and his friends!