February 21, 2018

Week 34 in Houck’s Class! by Drew Adams

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 6th grader Drew Adams.  Thanks, Drew!

This week has been really busy. I mean like really, really, really busy. So I am just going to go through the week and tell you what we did and what I enjoyed. So Monday morning we read an article that was called !adios appendix! And it was about this guy, and he was out in the Antarctic and he had an appendix problem and he was a surgeon, so that is good.  So he did his own surgery, I know, he’s a silly goose.

That is what that article was about, but this is even funner subject–homemade fidgets. So they are called flextangles. You get a piece of paper with a layout of it and you make something where it can go inside out without getting tangled. It’s so cool, right?

Ok so for our poetry unit we he have to memorise a poem that is 15 lines. Yeah, you heard me, 15 lines. It is really actually not that hard. We just have to pick a poem by our poet that is 15 lines or over and share it in front of the class. It is really not that hard. And we have to finish our forewords, and guess what? Two days ago we played guess that disease.  It’s a game where you get a partner and you have to get a slip of paper that says your name of disease and you perform a skit in front of the class about it.

And the hardest thing of all… VOCAB FINAL (bum bum bummmmm)  It is where you have to get all 100 vocab words and you have to take a test to see how many you know. I personally think that I did a good job, but I’m not sure.

Well this may be the last letter, so let’s end it off on a good note. This week student led conferences stopped for a pitstop at the Corbett Middle School and this is what they did. You go to your classroom and show your parents what you did and what you are proud of, and yeah. This is the last one, and I hope this week was interesting. Bye.   

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