February 21, 2018

Weekly Blogcito, It’s Written Every Week, Bro! (by Joe Fundak)

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 8th grader Joe Fundak.  Thanks, Joe!

This week in Mr. Houck’s class we started our week #2 for our Mesopotamia simulation. The meso sim is where we play a giant board game, where you collect resources, battle, and try to take over the board. We each have a Clan. The (deep breath…) Hittites, the Medes, the Phoenicians, the BABYlonians, and the best one ever in the whole world of meso sim…THE PERSIANS! “Oh yeah we’re awesome oh yeah” umm, I mean the Persians. Also, you might not know, but I’m in the Persians clan.

Currently all the clans are now villages because we have finished our tasks. Our current civilization points and coins for each Village is: 579 and 719 for Hittites, 911 and 202 for Medes, 445 and 593 for Persians, 965 and 220 for Babylonians and 468 and 265 for Phoenicians.

Also this week we started a new writing assignment that’s due on Monday-DON’T FORGET IT! It’s called Pilgrim In My Backyard. (Or for me Pilgrim At The School, because I didn’t do what Houck told us to do, so I had to do it at school.) What you do is go in your backyard with a pencil and piece of paper and sit there and observe for about 5 minutes.Then you bring it to school and start writing about it. But it’s not just any old essay. You describe the things you wrote with similes, metaphors, personal questions and personification, Which I should probably ask Houck how to do again.

And this week we had Vocab!!! Just like every week. The ten words are Stoic, Pastel, Hoist, Whiff, Teem, Carcass, Smatter, Marooned, Hallucination and Stupefy.

My least favorite thing this week is P.E. I have it with Houck and Hubler. The reason I don’t like this one is because I kicked the soccer ball but did one of those cheerleader kicks where your leg goes up super high. So I ran over to the bleachers and fell down. I told Houck what it felt like and he said I pulled my hamstring. RIGHT BEFORE MY FOOTBALL GAME!!

Sorry I have to end so early, but I have to go watch squidward on a chair.

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