February 21, 2018

Egyptian Energy! Week 10 in Houck’s Class, by Lilly Eichner

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 7th grader Lilly Eichner.  Thanks, Lilly!

This week in Mr. Houck’s classroom we did lots of things. There was the long (very long) video on the Egyptian era. It had Robocop in it, and he would always walk off screen before his part was done. Oh, and he was very dramatic with his blackout sunglasses. We also learned about energy and how it worked, like kilowatts and kilowatt hours. It was a lot to take in but it was fun. We also are doing song rewrites, those are really fun.

Starting on the Egyptian era, we had that video that I talked about, and then at one point we read books and had to explain what we read in 30 seconds, and we had two minutes to find a cool fact, then we shared with the table group. After we went through all the books, Houck picked out ten popsicle sticks and they had to share a fact about what they heard.

For energy, we learned about lots of energy sources, for example, coal, oil, and other natural gases, so we did presentations with a group and some things I learned were: Energy is the flow of electrical power, Electricity is a basic part of nature and it’s one of America’s most used form of energy. Oh and apparently Benjamin Franklin got electrocuted by a… ummm… kite one stormy night. I would say what a coincidence.

Okay, so for me, I had a lot of fun doing this: you may wanna get a drink and some popcorn, I’m gonna be talking a lot.  Okay, so to start off, this was sooooo fun, so what we had to do was get a partner and we had to get a morning meeting song and remake the lyrics that had to do with Mesopotamia. So shoutout to Apple Bilodeaux, she was my partner, and she did soooo good. When I couldn’t work on it she did and she said no problem. Sorry getting a little bit off track but what I was saying? She’s great, be friends with her. But continuing, we had a lot of fun working on this together, so we choose (drum roll) “Friday” By: Rebecca Black. It’s so funny. If you want me to give you a sneak peek I will, okay, ready? “It’s Meso-sim gotta get down on Meso-sim everybody’s lookin’ forward to the battles!” That’s just a part of the chorus, but this was soooo fun. It’s due today 11/9/17. I think ours is going to do great. I mean other people too, but ours, it’s gonna win.

Alright, so now it’s time for the conclusion… ugghh I don’t wanna leave, but okay, so I hope you had fun reading this and learning about a week in the life of room 4.

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