February 19, 2018

Parent Information Night – Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Hi All –


Being the parent of a teenager isn’t easy. In this age of open access and 24 hour social media, it’s difficult to know how to handle the tough issues our kids face every day. Drug and alcohol use among teens is one of the toughest. As the parent of a teenager, I know I have many questions: How should I broach this topic with my kid? What are some signs I should be on the lookout for? What resources are available?


We’d like to invite you to visit with Russ and Jennifer Tappero to discuss some of these tough questions. Russ and Jennifer are Corbett parents who also work with Teen Challenge USA. Teen Challenge specializes in helping adults and teens with addiction issues. They and other Teen Challenge staff members have conducted numerous sessions with parents and students across the state and they’ve graciously agreed to spend an evening with Corbett parents.


We’ll meet in the HS commons on November 29th from 6 pm to 8 pm. Bring your questions and concerns. Russ and Jennifer will bring their expertise. I’ll bring the coffee.  

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