January 20, 2018

Week 11 by Mackenna!

Its week 11 in Mr. Leone’s room, and the work continues.  Students have started their rough draft for their Egypt essay, which is due 11/27, the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Almost everyone has their groups for the group project, which is due the 6th of December.

Also, we have started learning about resources, with this week being coal, natural gas, and petroleum.  We’ve learned what words like nonrenewable, fossil fuels, and sulfur mean in the energy world! Speaking of energy, on Tuesday we had a few guest speakers here to talk to us about solar panels. Did you know that solar panels last almost 30 years? That is quite a long time for something made by robots.

Continuing with our Egypt studies, we have been continuing to watch “Engineering an Empire” in class. We learned about Hatshepsut, a shaduf, and Thutmose III. We also did an app quest, where we found the answers to questions like “why is upper Egypt south of lower Egypt” and other questions about Egyptian lifestyle.

On Thursday we reviewed fossil fuels by playing a game of jeopardy! Everyone seemed to be enjoying it and having fun playing!

For our read aloud, “After ever After” Jeffery got a girlfriend! He started dating Lindsey, the girl he met his first day of school and developed a huge crush on. Meanwhile, while Jeffery was enjoying himself with Lindsey, Tad had to go down to Philadelphia to get tests to see if his cancer relapsed. His mom was asking questions like “how is tad feeling”, so I’m starting to think that he did have a relapse. He wasn’t out of the five year stage yet, unlike Jeffery, so he has more to worry about.

We are still continuing to do “root word Wednesday”  and this weeks root was “auto” meaning self.  Anyway, this was the last week of the trimester, so watch for report cards! Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

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