January 20, 2018

Interpreting Characters

Dear Families,

We are close to wrapping up our reading unit on interpreting characters in reading. This unit has helped us look at the books we read as if they were a puzzle; to make the book complete, there are all the other different parts that intricately fit together like big events, setting, theme, the problem, and the resolution. One event can have a domino effect on other events, thus affecting the character in many different ways.

One recent lesson had students create ideas about the characters from their books. Here are some of their ideas:

Nancy was eager to know who Mr. Sidney is. But loving Hanna warns her about Mr. Sidney. “He’s a dangerous man.” Overall, I think Nancy is an amazing detective. ~Abby 

Sam was very alert that they had to go. He skillfully got the boat and started rowing away. Then Trout Walker shot him because he didn’t like that Sam kissed Kate. Overall, Sam was a bright man for always helping people. ~Anand

Greg wants to be on TV but his family is embarrassing and his dream did not come true because the producers thought they were a weird family. ~Kevin

I’m extremely proud of the progress students made throughout this unit!

Yesterday was the last day of the first trimester. What’s that you say?!?! Yup, you are correct; this school year is 33% complete. Woah! As I prepare to wrap up important end-of-term assessments and write 26 progress reports, I’m also busy wrapping up some very important assignments for a graduate course I am taking. Therefore, in order to make sure I have enough time to put the effort needed into the progress reports and my graduate course work, progress reports will be sent home Wednesday, December 6, 2017.

If your child is keeping track of their daily reading on a paper copy of a reading log (on blue paper), please have them bring the log in on Monday. Thank you!

Have a good weekend,

Mr. B

Idiom of the Week: Go With the Flow

Vocab of the Week: legend, hesitate, bulging, scraggly


Important Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday 11/22 and Thursday 11/23- NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving!!!!!!)

Week of 12/4- Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday 12/6- Progress Reports Sent Home

Thursday, December 21 at 2:45pm- Publishing Party (Details TBA)

Weeks of 12/25 and 1/1- NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)


Channeling My Inner Mother With These Reminders:

  1. Your child should be reading 30 minutes A DAY!
  2. Your child should be recording their reading either on this digital reading log or on a paper copy.
  3. Your child should be studying their spelling words every weekend.
  4. Your child’s parent(s) should be reminding them to read 30 minutes A DAY!
  5. Your child’s parent(s) should be reminding them to record their reading either on this digital reading log or on a paper copy.
  6. Your child’s parent(s) should be reminding them to study their spelling words every weekend.


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