January 20, 2018


The main focus of this week has been Egypt. Right now we are mostly finishing our Ancient Egypt essay, which is due on Monday (12/4).  Although we are also doing our group projects. Our group project is to perform a skit related to Ancient Egypt and to try to memorize all your lines. We are performing in front of the class on Wednesday. The other main project related to Egypt was a visual. We created a 3D project of something unrelated to our own topic, that was due today.

Our class just finished the read aloud After Ever After, a sequel to the book Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie about a boy who had to deal with his brother getting cancer. We stared a new read aloud called The Schwa Was Here about a boy who is semi-invisible, and nobody really notices him.  I really like it so far.

This week we learned about wind and solar power. We read articles and watched videos about them and then reviewed it by playing a round of jeopardy. For the past couple of weeks we have been learning about things like natural gas, coal, and petroleum.

Our root word for this week is miso. One of the words we learned with that root word is misanthrope which means you hate people. We had another root word too, which is the/o. That means religion, some words are polytheistic, athiest, and monotheistic. Some of our free writes were to to write about if you were a turkey how would you convince someone not to eat you, or write what you want to do this weekend without using the letters e or r.

We ended the week with a super quiz. We also did our sixth reading letter to Mr. Leone about our free read book.


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