January 21, 2018

Radon Monitoring

As a continuing part of the Corbett School District’s Healthy and Safe Schools Plan, locations in the high school building and Springdale building were tested for radon levels during winter break.

Fifteen locations were tested in the Springdale building, and twenty-seven locations were tested in the high school building.  The results inform us that with the exception of one location in the high school (copy room) all of those locations had results below the EPA Action Level.

Cascade Radon, Inc. who performed the testing will be back on Thursday, January 11th, to retest the high school copy room location.

Other buildings on campus will be tested in the months to come.


Cascade Radon, Inc.

Testing, Mitigation, Systems Design

CCB 180537 / CASCAR1927CA

About Debbie Schneider

Debbie Schneider has been an employee of the Corbett School District since 2008. Currently a Business Office Assistant, she was previously the Middle School / High School Office Secretary. She enjoys volunteering with the Corbett Helping Hands Food Program and encouraging the local fine arts community.