January 20, 2018

Week 17 by Wayne Zimmerman

This week we wrote a poem about what we did last year and what we did this year.   An example  was written by Mr.Houck.  The poem was due today (January 11)

Last year I made a mess,

Ripping bare handed in to the green lattice work of winter,

(which, waking , made my aching muscles whimper…)

Haphazardly,urgently reshaping mud and clay

in the mad rush to keep the frost at bay.

This week our class was assigned an art project of homophones.  What are homophones you might ask?

Homophones are two words that have different meanings but sound the same.  Some examples are… great and grate, I and eye, meet and meat, and Oar and or.  

This week in read aloud Mr. Leone read  the Harriss Burdick Stories

Archie Smith Boy Wonder, Under the Rug, A Strange day in July, Missing in Venice, and Another Place Another Time .


Did you know you can raise your child’s iq by 75% if you use Brain Smart.  Scientists say that if you let your child play Video games all day your child is guaranteed to get an A+!  This is an example  of media literacy  specifically this is bribery and maybe, and persuasion. Those are examples of the types of methods that companies use on your children.

This week we started our ancient Greece unit.  Did you know that  Mount Olympus is the highest Mountain in Greece standing at a whopping 9,753 feet! We also learned about the greek gods Zeus, the king of the gods, Athena the god of wisdom and Hermes the messaging god .So let your kids know if they don’t do there homework they will feel the wrath of Zeus!

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