Abigail’s Newsletter

February 18, 2018

Abigail’s Newsletter


This week’s newsletter was written by Abigail Santosa. Enjoy!

Mr. B

This week in school we did many different things ranging from finishing our read aloud book, Maniac Magee, to self-assessing our writing. Here’s what we’re doing this week:


This week we did many things with our book club. As you may know our reading unit currently is historical fiction and we recently finished our historical fiction read aloud book, Number the Stars. It is about World War II and how families smuggled jews from Denmark to Sweden in boats. We compared and contrasted our book club books with Number the Stars and tried to find common themes. There were many different answers. Some said courage, acceptance, loyalty, and many other themes. Another thing we did was share what we observed in our books and wrote what we learned from what we observed and made sure we stated the facts and did not assume. This week we also talked a lot about perspectives and point of views. We did a fun activity where we pull out a topic out of an envelope and discuss our perspective on that topic. Broccoli was a very touchy topic.


For the month of January in P.E. we are doing tag games. We play all types of active games such as blob tag and toilet tag. (We promise all of these games are child appropriate.) We also play infection and pac-man. P.E. so far has been very fun because we play all different types of tag. So far sprout ball is a fan favorite.


In history we are studying about Lewis and Clark and the flora and fauna they discovered along the way as well as how Lewis and Clark’s crew survived Winter at Fort Mandan. We took many notes about their lives at Fort Mandan and what they did on the daily. We made a journal entry on many different facts about what we did at Fort Mandan. We wrote the entry as if we were Lewis and Clark!


This week we added four new words to our vocab wall! Three are verbs and one is a noun. How we found out what the words are we took out a sentence/sentences from our read aloud book, Maniac Magee. Mr. B took out the word we were going to study and the class guessed what word would fit in the blank! Our new four words are goad, shudder, lumpy, and clench. These words will help everyone in our class strengthen their writing!


During writing this week we worked on self assessing our on-demand we had to write for “45 minutes” a week ago. We worked really hard on strengthening our craft and elaboration. Miguel volunteered to show his writing piece to the class and together we scored his on-demand just like we were going to do with ours.


Dan Barnard About Dan Barnard

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