Anand’s Newsletter

February 18, 2018

Anand’s Newsletter


This week’s newsletter was written by Anand!


Hello parents we have been doing some very exciting things we are writing this to share what we are doing.

Northwest pacific art, for art  we have been cutting and pasting paper  on each other to make it look like animals of the pacific northwest .

idiom stories ,  It is  were we will get a idiom like dog eat dog world then we would think of a time in are life that that implies then we would write a story about it .

Nonfiction reading , in reading we have been reading nonfiction something in history something someone did .

Salmon flash draft (writing) , we have been seeing who wants to protect the salmon and keep learning about it and who wants to stop learning about it and learn about something else and to convince the other people we are making flash daft and eventually we will publish them .

Book club , in book club teachers have nominated students into book club. In book club you get a book that is not published and you get to read it then you give feedback like who you recommend it for and what you liked and what you disliked then it is brought to the book store and they mail it to them.

Spelling bee,  for the spelling bee as you all probably know for the spelling bee you get up in front of the school and you spell words. For practice every week we come in for lunch and spell words like a spelling bee but if you win you don’t go to state or d.c

History (lewis and clark expedition) , for history we have been learning about lewis and clark one of the things we have been doing is pretending we are there and making journal entries about what it was like

Music ,  if you don’t know there are 3 music classes there is strings , music and movement and band in each one you do different things in  strings  bass , violin , viola and cello  in band all mix of instruments music and movement ukulele and you sing and dance.

Stem, science                 that is what stem stands for. For stem we are learning about

          Technology           snowflakes we read snowflake bentley and we are making

          Engineering           snowflakes then we are going to do a compition of who’s

          Math                     snowflake falls the slowest wins the cop and if you win you get a

Read aloud, for read aloud right now we are reading rewilding witch is a book about giving animals a place to live and taking them out of zoos

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