February 19, 2018

Vision, Values and Facts

Corbett School District embraces a continuous progress model for every student.  Rather than holding each student to an arbitrary grade level standard that does not differentiate for each individual student Corbett endeavors to meet each student where they are and move them forward at a level and rate commensurate to the needs of each child. Students of all ages are expected to make progress forward along a continuum appropriate for that individual. Expert teachers spend years with students to form relationships that allow them to guide student learning in a multi-age environment. Progress in grades K-8 is reported to parents three times per year via a narrative reporting process.  Rather than reporting a less informative series of 7-20 single letter unsupported valuations of a student’s progress such as “S”, “S+”, “C” or “F”, so common in other systems, Corbett prides itself on relaying to parents what their student actually did.

Classroom generalists provide instruction in grades K-8 promoting the value of building relationships between teachers, students, and parents by allowing students to spend 2-4 years with their instructor.  Typically students spend 3 years with their teacher.  The relational benefits of multi-age instruction help prepare students for the more traditional classroom specialists students will face in 10-12th grade and to a lesser extent in 9th grade.

Despite switching to subject area specialists in grades 10-12 and to a lesser extent in grade 9 Corbett still retains a commitment to multi-age practices as well a a commitment to a continuous progress approach.  Most high school courses are multi-age, and although many of the courses high school students take are Advanced Placement (AP) courses, there is a never a time when a high school student does not pass a course because they tried their hardest and made progress forward.

The result of this K-12 commitment to multi-age education, a continuous progress model, and exposure to a rigorous AP experience in the later grades is that Corbett students outperform their peers across the state and country.


The goal of Corbett School District is to foster intellectual development, social awareness and civic responsibility among the members of our school

  • Embrace multi-age education.
  • Focus on individual needs, and achievements rather than arbitrary grade level standards or common core standards.
  • Assess student progress utilizing a continuous progress model.
  • Insist on delivering academically demanding curriculum to ALL students in all grades but particularly in high school.
  • Adopt demanding, and internationally recognized curriculum such as AP courses.
  • Be respected locally, regionally and nationally as an exceptional public school district
  • Provide an unparalleled learning experience that engenders pride among our school community
  • Empower each student to develop his or her abilities, become a global citizen and be a leader in his or her chosen path


  • Honoring what makes each student exceptional, helping them discover and develop their talents, abilities and ambitions
  • Giving each student an abundance of options they may choose from upon graduation.
  • Enabling achievement so each student attends and succeeds at the post-secondary institution of their choice
  • Inspiring confidence, desire and skills for lifelong learning
  • Encouraging a life of leadership, responsibility and respect for themselves, others and the earth
  • Fostering a diverse, welcoming and innovative community that shares, supports and enhances the school’s vision
  • Endorsing sustainable practices for a positive relationship between students, faculty, parents, the community and the global environment
  • The only Middle School to Watch ever recognized in Oregon
  • Place-based education featuring in depth Gorge studies in grades K-5 for Corbett School and K-6 for CCS
  • Top academically ranked schools, Corbett School and CCS, in the state and nation featured in Newsweek and the Washington Post as a top 10 School in the Nation
  • 90% college and university acceptance
  • Campus: 1,100 students Grades 1-12
  • Average class size: 25-30
  • Nationally recognized Advanced Placement program called “AP for ALL” in both Corbett School and CCS.
  • Two of the highest graduation rates in the region for both Corbett School and CCS
  • The lowest per pupil spending in the region for CSD.
School Crest & Shield
  • School colors of red and black symbolize constancy and strength set against a shield depicting the magnificent Columbia River Gorge
  • The entire crest is set against a backdrop of majestic Mt. Hood, which provides the picturesque background of our campus
  • The open book in the shield is the symbol of scholarship, and the torch represents life, truth and intelligence
  • The twin laurel branches represent triumph, victory and peace
  • The twin cardinals represent the proud mascot of Corbett Schools