January 22, 2018

OPEN ENROLLMENT: 2017-2018 School Year

District Standards for Admitting Non-Resident Students to Corbett School District Via HB 3681 Corbett School District will be accepting out of district transfers students commensurate with HB 3681. Corbett School District will not deny consent for a student to enter… [Read More…]

Class Open House

Hello Everyone, I hope that you all have had good summers.  I am excited to have our new school year just a few days away.  I would like to invite all our students (especially new students) to drop by for… [Read More…]

Tuesday February 11th

Hello Everyone, We are continuing to study about rocks.  We have discussed igneous rocks lately (Obsidian, and Granite).  Many of the students continue to work on narrative and informative writing.  I’m also reviewing what makes a complete sentence with the… [Read More…]

February 2nd

Hello Everyone, The class has been examining rocks and pebbles over the past week.  They will continue this study for the next couple of weeks.  Many members of the class have been working on non-fiction writing.  Some members of the… [Read More…]

First Week Back

Hello Everyone, I hope that winter is treating you well.  During our first week back — we’ve studied about salad greens.  The students created a salad with paper to end our study on Thursday.  Some things they learned about salad… [Read More…]

December 10th Post

Hello Everyone, Here is an update on things we’ve been working on.  In language — my younger learners are continuing to  work on letter identification, and sound identification.  Additionally, they continue to work  on writing letters legibly.  The more advanced… [Read More…]

News For November 12th

Greetings All, What is going on in our classroom? Well, in writing many of the students have transitioned from writing small moments to doing imaginative pieces.  I ask them to introduced the characters and the setting at the beginning of… [Read More…]

Welcome back!

Greetings everyone, It is exciting to have our new school year just a few days away.  This year’s gorge theme is natural history and resources.  Our PE days this year will be Monday and Wednesday.  Please have your child wear… [Read More…]

January 24th

Hello Everyone, Here is an update regarding happenings in Mr Lewis’ room.  During our gorge study time in December and January the students have learned about trees and birds of prey.  They will be dissecting owl pellets in the next… [Read More…]

News from Mr. Lewis’ room

Hello, During the first trimester we have begun our Columbia River Gorge study by learning about salmon.  We have now moved into learning about trees.  During our writing times — we have focused on narrative writing.  Our biggest theme for… [Read More…]