Kristin Wold

February 17, 2018

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Jan. 23

  This week was all about trade.  We learned about how Native Americans and the newcomers would trade with each other, or within their own groups.  We are looking forward to visiting the trading post next week, where we can… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Jan. 15

   We became familiar with the main figures in the Lewis and Clark expedition this week.  We learned how Lewis and Clark happened to go on their famous journey.  We also learned about Mrs. Wold’s favorite historical figure:  Sacagawea.  She… [Read More…]

Mrs. Wold and Mrs. Shaw Jan. 8

   We began the new year happy to be together, but generally quite sleepy.   There were a few new faces this week, some as visitors and one who came to stay.  The visitors were none other than Thomas Jefferson,… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Dec. 18

     This week was really almost too fun to bear. The mood in the classroom was consistently…electric. (A nice way to say the kids were wired). We had quite a few special events. Both classes spent time with older… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Dec. 11

We had fun learning about the Maasai this week.  We saw some cool videos of their daily life in East Africa.  We made paper plate necklaces that resemble the necklaces they wear as well as a beautiful painting of an… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Dec. 4th

We’ve finished learning about the Chinook people.  However, this week and next we focus on how lifestyles with similarities to the Chinook still exist in our world.  This week’s featured community was Papua New Guinea.  We learned that the way… [Read More…]

Mrs. Wold and Mrs. Shaw Nov. 26 (and 21)

Somehow I forgot to post last week’s newsletter on the website.  It follows this week’s.   Nov. 26      Not surprisingly, we spent some time this week talking about the first Thanksgiving and who the Pilgrims were.  We’ve read… [Read More…]

Primary Chinook Celebration

The primary classes have been studying the Chinook people for the past 9 weeks.  Today we celebrated with skits, recitations, displays, games, crafts and food!  We had a great turn-out of family and friends who celebrated with us.  It was… [Read More…]

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Nov. 7

     We took a one week hiatus from Gorge Studies this week to begin a science unit called “Balance and Motion.”  We learned that counterweights can do amazing things.  We balanced a triangle on its tip; a paper crawdad… [Read More…]

Mrs. Wold and Mrs. Shaw Oct. 30

  It was nice to back to our regular schedule this week.  Last week’s rolling primary class field trips meant we needed to change our day around.  Many kids don’t do too well with change, so it’s nice that everything feels… [Read More…]