February 21, 2018

Tiffany Pearsall

About Tiffany Pearsall

Hello, I'm the preschool teacher at Corbett Grade School! I've been teaching preschool since 2010, and at Corbett since 2012. Ask me anything about early childhood education, play-based learning, knitting, irish setters, or nuclear reactors.

Harvest Party Memories

Our Harvest Party Did you know that our Harvest Party was child-led and child-designed?  At Corbett Preschool, we believe that the child is a crucial team member in deciding the course of their day, and their education!  The Harvest Party was… [Read More…]

Exploring Water

A Story of Friendship and Water “Look!  The duck lies flat (floats)!  I have something to show you.  Down here, on the ocean floor.  We gotta get the trash and dump it out! You can have the whale now, wanna… [Read More…]

Week 5: Sept 28 – Oct 1

My goodness this month has flown by quickly!  It is already October!  This week, we: Made cave drawings inside the tunnel on a windy day: Went on several adventures: Made a huge mess with clay (So much squishing, squashing, slipping,… [Read More…]

Week 4: Sept 21-24, 2015

Music In Our Bones Wow we have a musical group!  At any given point in time, there is a crew of kids making music together.  Often times, its while they’re in deep flow and thinking extra hard, and other times… [Read More…]

Week 3: September 14 – 17 and Garden Party

Some Verbs for the Week Squishing… Cutting… Grinding… Pouring… Stamping… Painting… Journaling… Creating… and GARDENING! The garden party at the Springdale Community Garden was a blast, they used the best lighting from https://www.lightingpros.net/landscape-lighting/, and the weather was perfect!  We got… [Read More…]

Week 2: September 8-11, 2015

A Slimy New Friend Ms. Young, an intermediate teacher, popped by early this week with a new friend!  One of her students had found a snail on the playground, and she heard that the preschool might be interested. Boy was… [Read More…]

Week 1: September 1 – September 3, 2015

We had an excellent first week!  Miss Nikki and I were so excited to be back after meeting everyone in the few weeks leading up to school.  What a precious group!  They are all very sweet and want to play… [Read More…]

Spring Has Sprung: A Photo Essay

It’s been so lovely and warm these past few days, we’ve been playing up a storm in the sunshine! I also wanted to give a big thank you to Shari and her Sock Hop team!  Thanks for a fun evening!… [Read More…]

Puppies and pajamas and pancakes, oh my!

Preschoolers had a pancake and pajama party to celebrate Peter Puppy’s week this week.  Hooray for the letter “p!”  Who knew it was such a fun letter?!  All good things start with “p,” like pajamas… …porcupines (pink and purple ones… [Read More…]

Welcome 2014!

Welcome back, preschool families! Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to the new year, I know I’m refreshed and ready for an awesome 2014.  Already it feels like everyone grew up so much over break!  We have some… [Read More…]