February 19, 2018

Week of February 12th by Abby G.

Dear Families, Last week’s update is brought to you by Abby Gomez. Enjoy! News By: Abby Gomez   (Reading) We have been reading rewilding by Jane Drake and Ann love. Our goal as writers is to figure out how we… [Read More…]

Staking Our Claims

Dear Families, We’re working hard in writing to strengthen our opinion writing skills. Students have expanded their ability to use articles, books, and videos as sources of research and cite evidence. Here are some excerpts of their work: First, salmon… [Read More…]

Anand’s Newsletter

Families, This week’s newsletter was written by Anand!   Hello parents we have been doing some very exciting things we are writing this to share what we are doing. Northwest pacific art, for art  we have been cutting and pasting… [Read More…]

Fur Trapping and Researching Our Claims

Dear Families, Our field trip on Tuesday to Ft. Vancouver was really enjoyable. It was great to be immersed in an environment that helped us fully visualize what life in the Pacific Northwest was like when fur trapping was all… [Read More…]

Abigail’s Newsletter

Families, This week’s newsletter was written by Abigail Santosa. Enjoy! Mr. B This week in school we did many different things ranging from finishing our read aloud book, Maniac Magee, to self-assessing our writing. Here’s what we’re doing this week:… [Read More…]

Setting Off

Dear Families, We jumped right back into the swing of things this past week after a nice and relaxing Winter Break. I hope that you were able to enjoy the time spent with family and friends. On my end, it… [Read More…]

Parachuting Into Winter Break!

Dear Families, Due to our crazy schedule and the missed school days, some of the book clubs in our historical fiction reading unit were not able to finish their books in time. Listed below are the names of students that… [Read More…]

December 16th Newsletter

Dear Families, Well, last week definitely wasn’t as productive as it could’ve been. Alas, that’s life when you live with the East Wind. Here’s what we’re up to as we prepare for Winter Break: Writing- Next week, we’ll be putting… [Read More…]

What I Found Memorable Was…

Dear Families, We’re covering a lot of bases in school. With topics ranging from World War II to persuasive writing, we’re learning a lot. This morning, I asked students during our Class Meeting to share one thing they learned this… [Read More…]

Fast-Forwarding to New Units

Dear Families, This week marked the beginning of a bunch of new work! In social studies, our focus fast-forwarded hundreds of years to study the beginning of Westward Expansion, when the U.S. got really excited at the prospect of expanding… [Read More…]