February 19, 2018

Harvest Party Memories

Our Harvest Party Did you know that our Harvest Party was child-led and child-designed?  At Corbett Preschool, we believe that the child is a crucial team member in deciding the course of their day, and their education!  The Harvest Party was… [Read More…]

Exploring Water

A Story of Friendship and Water “Look!  The duck lies flat (floats)!  I have something to show you.  Down here, on the ocean floor.  We gotta get the trash and dump it out! You can have the whale now, wanna… [Read More…]

Week 5: Sept 28 – Oct 1

My goodness this month has flown by quickly!  It is already October!  This week, we: Made cave drawings inside the tunnel on a windy day: Went on several adventures: Made a huge mess with clay (So much squishing, squashing, slipping,… [Read More…]

Week 4: Sept 21-24, 2015

Music In Our Bones Wow we have a musical group!  At any given point in time, there is a crew of kids making music together.  Often times, its while they’re in deep flow and thinking extra hard, and other times… [Read More…]

Week 3: September 14 – 17 and Garden Party

Some Verbs for the Week Squishing… Cutting… Grinding… Pouring… Stamping… Painting… Journaling… Creating… and GARDENING! The garden party at the Springdale Community Garden was a blast, and the weather was perfect!  We got a tour of the grounds, turned the… [Read More…]

Week 2: September 8-11, 2015

A Slimy New Friend Ms. Young, an intermediate teacher, popped by early this week with a new friend!  One of her students had found a snail on the playground, and she heard that the preschool might be interested. Boy was… [Read More…]

Week 1: September 1 – September 3, 2015

We had an excellent first week!  Miss Nikki and I were so excited to be back after meeting everyone in the few weeks leading up to school.  What a precious group!  They are all very sweet and want to play… [Read More…]

Many Thanks, only a week early!

Hi all!  Just wanted to send out several thanks today, we have a lot to be thankful for as the turkey holiday approaches! Thank you to Sue Carroll (Ms. Tiffany’s kindergarten teacher!) for passing along her awesome firefighter costumes when… [Read More…]

Photo update

Hi all!  Here’s a photo montage of our last few days…   Can’t wait for Firefighter Fred next week!   -Ms. Tiffany

Dinosaurs, Sensory Tables, Sharing, and More

Hello All!  Tiffany from the preschool here to update you about our adventures.  We began our year with a dinosaur science theme: making tiny worlds with tiny plastic dinosaurs, hunting for fossils in sand, and (most recently) exploring dinosaur footprints… [Read More…]