February 19, 2018

test for Wold/Shaw

Mrs. Wold and Mrs. Shaw March 5, 2015

  We’re still having issues with the electronic version of our newsletter.  If you’d like to see the pictures we’ve taken the past few weeks, you should go to the district website:  www.corbett.k12.or.us and click “teachers” in the black bar… [Read More…]

Feb. 28th Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold

    Please see the previous post.  I posted last week’s newsletter the same day as this one.      This week, we took a pause from gorge studies.  We used the opportunity to learn a bit more about the… [Read More…]

Feb. 20 Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold

This newsletter is from last week.  We had a brief computer glitch that prevented us from posting it. We grappled with some pretty big ideas this week.  One of them was “Who really owns nature?”  This question came from a… [Read More…]