February 21, 2018

Books, Greeks, and Gummy Bears…by Maddy Barrett

This week we had brand new book presentation, and they all did super well. We also have brand new due dates for the ancient Greece project.  Our rough draft is due Monday, February 5. On Monday February 5, our visual… [Read More…]

week 19 Dylan Shields

This week we did many things including book presentations.  The presentations this week were Carly, Devin, Grace, Vaden, Olivia, Gracie, Andrew, Bernie, Mackenna and Kelton.  All of the speeches were good and it was nice to  learn about some good… [Read More…]

Week 17 by Wayne Zimmerman

This week we wrote a poem about what we did last year and what we did this year.   An example  was written by Mr.Houck.  The poem was due today (January 11) Last year I made a mess, Ripping bare handed… [Read More…]

Week 14 blog by Gracie Embree

This week we performed our skits for the ancient Egyptian group projects. Each group taught the class about one important part of what ancient Egyptians did. Next week we will be giving individual speeches on the topic we have been… [Read More…]


The main focus of this week has been Egypt. Right now we are mostly finishing our Ancient Egypt essay, which is due on Monday (12/4).  Although we are also doing our group projects. Our group project is to perform a… [Read More…]

Week 11 by Mackenna!

Its week 11 in Mr. Leone’s room, and the work continues.  Students have started their rough draft for their Egypt essay, which is due 11/27, the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Almost everyone has their groups for the group project, which… [Read More…]

Week Ten by Tess Namba…

Today is the ninth of November and this week our middle school was playing the game called “guess the your students voice” for morning meeting on Wednesday.  Mr. Leone won the game. This is Super Quiz week 1o and there… [Read More…]

week 8, PINGPONG!!!

This week we have been rounding up our Mesopotamia simulation. We had our fertile crescent facts quiz #3 on tuesday and most groups averaged about 25/30.  Nice job everybody!  Our final, Empire tasks are due on Monday October 30. On… [Read More…]

week 7, by Bernie

This week we did a lot of Mesopotamia activities.  Today is our trade day and that means we get to barter and finish our list of supplies list for the week. Also, our due dates are: *Best story from storytelling,… [Read More…]

Week 6 by Andrew Olson

During this week Mr. Leone’s students have been working on this huge Mesopotamia simulation where there has been battles and learning ancient mesopotamian symbols and de coding them.  We also have done a lot of vocab. words such as stoic… [Read More…]