February 24, 2018

News For November 12th

Greetings All, What is going on in our classroom? Well, in writing many of the students have transitioned from writing small moments to doing imaginative pieces.  I ask them to introduced the characters and the setting at the beginning of… [Read More…]

Flags for First Graders

Yesterday, Ron and Mary from the Gresham Lions Club visited the first grade students at Corbett Grade School.  They told the story of the American flag and provided each student with their very own miniature flag and pamphlet.  View the… [Read More…]

Welcome back!

Greetings everyone, It is exciting to have our new school year just a few days away.  This year’s gorge theme is natural history and resources.  Our PE days this year will be Monday and Wednesday.  Please have your child wear… [Read More…]

News from Mr. Lewis’ room

Hello, During the first trimester we have begun our Columbia River Gorge study by learning about salmon.  We have now moved into learning about trees.  During our writing times — we have focused on narrative writing.  Our biggest theme for… [Read More…]

Happy October

Greetings Everyone, A lot of things are going on in our classroom.  This past week week we met with our buddies (intermediate students) for the first time.  My students get an opportunity during our buddy times to read with an… [Read More…]

Week Three

Hello, I had a great time chatting with those of you who were able to make it out to the open house on Wednesday.   I will be conferencing after school, with parents and students, during the week of October 24… [Read More…]

Week Two

Hello everyone, Our first week of school was productive and fun!  We spent time going over rules and procedures.  Additionally, the students worked on art projects where they did coloring, cutting and gluing.  During our social studies time — we… [Read More…]

Greetings Everyone

It’s exciting to have the new school year under way!  I am looking forward to spending the school year with your children.   One of the topics we will explore this year is people of the gorge (past and present).  This… [Read More…]