May 25, 2017

What are the terms used to describe district schools?

Since the inception of Corbett Charter School, naming conventions for schools within Corbett School District #39 have been inconsistent. This website seeks to remedy this inconsistency by introducing a revised naming convention to better differentiate the district’s resident schools and charter schools. The term resident schools refers to the schools that primarily serve those families that reside in the Corbett School District residential boundary, as defined by the State of Oregon. The following new terms are used throughout the website:

  • Corbett School District: this refers to all schools in Corbett School District #39, including both resident and charter schools (as defined by law, Corbett Charter School is a district school).
  • The District: this also refers to all schools in Corbett School District #39, including both resident and charter schools.
  • Corbett Schools: this refers to the K-12 district resident school program comprising the majority of students attending school in Corbett School District #39. 
  • Corbett Charter School (CCS): this refers to the K-12 district charter school program sponsored by Corbett School District #39. To help differentiate resident public schools and charter public schools, we use the abbreviated CCS to refer to Corbett Charter School as this abbreviation is easier to differentiate visually when placed in the same sentence/paragraph/page as the title, Corbett Schools.

Teachers and administrators district-wide are working diligently to transition to this new naming convention, no longer referring to resident schools as district schools or Corbett Charter School as the charter, or charter school. Our goal is to help better enable all schools within the district to clearly and cleanly define their news, programs and initiatives without adding unnecessary confusion.

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