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Have a great summer!

Credit Recovery Summer School–SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE! by Cassie Duprey Sat, 10 Jun 2017 14:00:36 +0000 [Read More...]]]> On Graduation Day 2017, one senior frantically worked to finish online credit recovery courses as graduation rehearsal began.  Don’t let this happen to you! Recover credits immediately instead of procrastinating and causing unnecessary stress, anxiety, and doom.  Spots still available at summer school, June 12-30 in the high school (8-3 pm; please bring lunch).  Students that complete online courses in person on campus are 85% more likely to complete courses by the end of the summer assigned.  Sign up now using this form!

Credit recovery is especially important for soon-to-be-tenth graders, and these students often see credit recovery as least urgent.  Researchers at the University of Chicago found ninth-grade status to be the single-best factor of whether or not a student would graduate:

“This indicator identifies students as on-track if they earn at least five full-year course credits and no more than one semester F in a core course in their first year of high school. On-track students are more than three and one-half times more likely to graduate from high school in four years than off-track students. The indicator is a more accurate predictor of graduation than students’ previous achievement test scores or their background characteristics.” 


Sign up now using this form!  Not sure if a student should be at summer school?  Email Cassie Duprey ( for a transcript analysis and recommendation.  It’s never too late to sign up!  As courses are self-paced, students can begin after June 12th, if needed.

Math Is Cool Champions! by Debbie Schneider Tue, 06 Jun 2017 23:44:35 +0000 [Read More...]]]>
On May 20th four representatives from our fifth grade math team competed in the Masters Math is Cool tournament in Moses Lake, Washington. Previously, fifteen of our students had worked together to place first in the regional competition in Vancouver, thus qualifying Corbett for the next step.

Mia, Alexa, Olivia, and Alex vied against top teams from eleven other schools in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. They competed in six events, earning first place in three of them. Individually, all four members of our Corbett team placed in the top ten out of 51 competitors – Alex in ninth, Olivia in seventh, Alexa in fourth, and Mia in first! They earned a team score of 150 points; 23 points ahead of the second place finisher.

On April 21, 2017, eleven of our third and fourth graders traveled to Skyview High School in Vancouver, Washington, to compete in the fourth grade Math is Cool regional tournament.

There were 24 teams from eight schools in our division. Our students earned points in the individual contest, mental math, team contests, math relay, and college bowl challenges. Corbett earned third place out of eight. Nice job!

Congratulations to all, including Caleb, who was the top scorer for Corbett.

Congratulations, Mathletes!  – Mrs. Handy and Ms. DiMaggio
Memories by Dan Barnard Sat, 03 Jun 2017 05:19:29 +0000 [Read More...]]]> Dear Families,

Some say the word “wow” is overused. I disagree. It’s a simple, yet extremely powerful word. Thus, wow! Another year has come and gone. Your child is now preparing to enter the next grade, your head may be slowly shaking in awe, and your child is preparing to play in the dirt under the summer sun. This year has been filled with many memories. In this year’s cumulative Morning Meeting that we held this morning, I asked students to share a memory that stands out from this school year. Unedited, here’s what they shared:

“I like going on the overnight field trip. It was fun.” ~Lisa

“The hikes that we went on, on the overnighter.” ~Lizzie

“I liked how we slept in the tents on the overnight field trip. It was really fun.” ~Annie

“I liked going to the Maryhill Museum.” ~Grace

“I liked earlier in the year when Italy tried to do gymnastics.” ~Brenna

“I remember when Isabel tried to pour orange juice in Italy’s mouth.” ~Rainbelle

“The waterfall field trip.” ~Mrs. McCoy

“I really enjoyed when I fell asleep and Mr. B whistled in my ear.“ ~Abel

“I have two. One is when we did the continents with our groups and yesterday when we tipped over on the recliner.“ ~Jacob

“My two favorite things that happened this year was one, the sixth grade math book, and two, playing miniature golf on the overnight field trip.“ ~Aiden

“I liked the overnight field trip when we went up and down the big hill.“ ~Isabella

“One of my favorite memories was when Mac feel asleep on the recliner.” ~ Dylan

“ My favorite memory was when Mr. B was talking about not flipping water bottles, and then he threw a water bottle, and then he landed it on the ground.” ~Max

“I liked the release of the June Jail.” ~Mac

“I liked the overnight field trip because we made marshmallows.” ~Tim

“I liked when we built the Rube Goldberg thingy.” ~ Alex K.

“I liked it when you brought Finley. He’s pretty chill.” ~Abigail

“My favorite memory was when we were playing ‘Name that Tune’ and Mr. B played the heartbeat of the baby to tell us he was having a baby.” ~Italy

“I have three. Number one, I liked the overnight field trip. I liked sliding down the mountain, and I liked the time and all the effort we put into doing our Rube Goldberg contraptions.” ~Alex D.

“One of my favorite things was staying in and doing the Scavenger Hunt. It was really fun to make up the definitions of the words and the dictionary, if you paid attention to that.” ~Alexa

“One of my favorite memories was when in math we did the marshmallow project. We made shapes out of marshmallows and pretzels and then we ended up eating our work.” ~Jaiden

“My favorite memory is watering Leafy, the last plant.” ~Olivia

“I have two things. Swimming on the overnight field trip and the last day of school.” ~Nick

“My favorite memory was in karaoke when Olivia and Alexa sang ‘Love is an Open Door.’ “ ~Isabel

“I enjoyed when Mrs. Dockter taught us how to make sedimentary rocks out of crackers and marshmallows.” ~Ruth

PLEASE make sure your child continues to read this summer, especially for those entering sixth grade! They will continue to have access to their IXL and Reflex accounts so their math skills don’t mold. Dedicating 45 minutes a day, around four days a week to reading and math, will help to ensure that students will maintain what they’ve gained this year.

Looking forward to next year, I wanted to share my loose plans regarding the arrival of my baby boy. I say “loose” because bringing a baby into the world definitely requires flexibility. In truly impeccable timing, he’s due to come the first week of the school year. I plan on working for as long as possible before the birth. Once he’s born, I will take two weeks off. Mrs. DeMott, whom we’ve worked with regularly throughout the year, will be the guest teacher holding down the fort and starting the year off strong. Then, I’ll return after the two weeks off. (The grandmas are flying in for reinforcements). Starting in January or February, I will take off one day a week while Chelsea transitions back to work. Again, Mrs. DeMott will be the guest teacher.

I want to end on a personally selfish note; I wrapped up my eleventh year of teaching today. In some ways it feels like I just started and, in other ways, it feels like I’ve been doing this for 30 years. In these eleven years, I’ve worked with a range of students and each year my classroom community shifts and molds to represent the new mix of students. The beauty of multi-age classrooms is that students stay (mostly) together for a period of a few years and grow together. From a teacher’s perspective, this is priceless because it affords more time to watch the growth progress. This year, the community that was created was unlike any other I’ve experienced in a classroom. This was, without a doubt, a truly special and inspiring group of children to work with. The magic of this year may or may not be duplicated in the future, but for now, I will hold the memories of this school year very close to my heart!

And now, it’s time to soak in the sun, play in the dirt, splash in water, ride bikes, hike, read under a tree, do some math on the tablet on the porch, and enjoy a much-deserved respite from early mornings and math lessons. Have a beautiful summer!

Mr. B

Summer School information for 2017 by Phil Pearson Tue, 30 May 2017 22:31:03 +0000 [Read More...]]]> The summer school announcement below is derived from what we posted last year. Are the bus routes correct? Also, could you please look over the form to see if I’ve missed anything? Thanks!
Corbett High School is pleased to offer FREE credit recovery summer school for students entering grades 10-12. Summer school is an excellent opportunity to recover missing credits from any course or grade level.
Students with pending incompletes are expected to attend summer school and resolve these incompletes before the next school year begins.
Summer school will be Monday, June 12th through Friday, June 30th, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. (weekdays).
Transportation is provided (except for out-of-district students and Donald Duck and Road-Runner routes). Please note, however, that no transportation will be provided on JUNE 29th.
Register for summer school by Friday, June 3rd using this form. Please contact Bryan Estes ( with questions.​
Middle School Cross Country – Informational Meeting by Victoria Hubler Tue, 30 May 2017 17:03:47 +0000 [Read More...]]]> There will be a brief informational meeting about middle school cross-country on Wednesday, 5/31 @ 4:30 in Mrs. Hubler’s classroom (room 7 in the middle school building).  We will discuss summer “training” and the fall practice schedule.

Cross-country is open to all CSD students in grades 6 – 8 (based on 2017-18 academic enrollment).

Exploring the Evidence by Dan Barnard Sun, 28 May 2017 04:47:25 +0000 [Read More...]]]> Families,

Well, that was fun! We had an extremely fun (and exhausting) trip to the Scablands of Central Washington. Students were immersed in identifying and analyzing geological features associated with the Missoula Floods from The Dalles all the way to where we stayed in Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park in Coulee City, Washington. At one point, I heard one student mutter, “This is the most thrilling field trip I’ve ever been on.” Check out the photo gallery below to view some of the fun things we did. I want to give a huge shout out to the following parents for coming along as chaperones as they made a trip a huge success: Mike Feerick, Heather Hughes, Katey Kinnear, Ted Natividad, Sarah Loveland, Toni and Mike Robinson, and Heather Garrett.

I’m having a hard time comprehending the fact that we are about to enter the last week of school. It’s certainly hard to believe, but nonetheless, here we are. Friday is the last day of school and dismissal is at 12:30pm. Buses will run like normal.

Wednesday night is Portfolio Night. Please come anytime between 4pm and 7pm to check out the progress your child has made this school year. Remember that if your child is in band, they will have their performance in the East MPB at 7pm. Students are expected to be there by 6:40pm dressed ready to go on stage. No t-shirts or shirts. Please have them dressed in pants and a nice button-up shirt. Mr. Killgore has raved about this group of fifth graders and I’m excited to hear them perform.

During this last week of school, students will be participating in an engineering design project focusing on Rube Goldberg. That name may not ring a bell, but I’m sure you’re familiar with his style of art. Check out this music video and you’ll know what I mean. We have all the supplies we need, but if you have any two liter soda bottles around the house, we can definitely still use them!

While you plan for Portfolio Night, please know that the Corbett Middle School Travel Club will be holding a bake sale at Portfolio Night.  They will have cake pops, cupcakes, cookies and more for sale!  Please bring a few extra dollars and help send Corbett middle school students to Europe in 2018.

Also, CMS Travel Club is hosting an end of the year POOL PARTY on June 2nd, 2017 from 1:00pm to 4:00 PM at Reynolds Pool. The cost is $5 and tickets do need to be purchased in advance from either the MS or GS office. Refreshments and snacks will be available for purchase at the pool. All proceeds will support sending Corbett students to Europe in 2018.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!

Mr. B

Idiom of the Week: On One’s Last Leg


Important Upcoming Dates:

  • 5/29- There’s no school on Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day.
  • 5/31- Our portfolio night, a collection and reflection of your child’s work and progress this school year, is scheduled during the late afternoon and early evening.
  • 5/31- Band concert for the 5th graders in band at 7pm (students are supposed to arrive by 6:40pm)
  • 6/2- The final day of school! Woah! Dismissal is at 12:30pm.
  • 6/3- Tentative 5th Grade Camping Trip, weather dependent
  • Week of June 13th- Progress Reports will be mailed to your house
  • Summer 2017- From robotics to art to summer school, various staff members are offering different enrichment courses this summer. Check out the courses offered here.


We hiked the Umatilla Rock Trail in Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park.

Geology Professor Nick Zentner from Central Washington University greeted us in Vantage, WA and introduced the importance of our trip to the kids.

We hiked between Frenchman’s Coulee and Echo Basin to check out what the force of the floods left behind.


Atop the hike, we took in stunning views of Central Washington.

Tent City

Ladies and gentlemen, Mac Garrett!

Playing basketball at camp

Checkin out Lake Lenore Caves

Mr. B’s and Mrs. Young’s Class atop Dry Falls at the Visitor Center

And now, the obligatory “Kids Passed Out On the Bus” pictures, which as you’ll notice is mostly boys because the girls stayed awake:

Worms, Frogs, & Bananas, Oh My! Week 36 in Houck’s Class by Laurel Lucky! by Lucas Houck Thu, 25 May 2017 22:54:23 +0000 [Read More...]]]> Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 6th grader Laurel Lucky.  Thanks, Laurel!

This week we started off by enjoying all the quietness without all the eighth graders.

This year we tried something new. We are trying a new system where all the eighth graders move up into high school, so that on the first day of school they don’t worry and stress about not knowing where their classes are at.

On Monday we gathered in our groups to start off doing puppet shows. Every year the classes do puppet shows, they students can pick from different categories.

Then we started an art project. It’s called pretty worms, and since we are dissecting worms Houck thought it would be great to make a art project.

On Tuesday we talked more in our groups about the puppet show and we had to fill out a packet, so we are more organized for when we make our puppets, the scene etc.

After free read we did worm dissections, and  we watched a video so we wouldn’t  mess up the dissection process. It was interesting to see the different parts of the Earthworms!

On Wednesday after Morning Meeting we started frog dissections. The frogs were dead and treated with chemicals, so they had a odd smell. We had to fill out a packet and when we were dissecting the frogs we had to take some of the organs and put them on a thick piece of paper to identify what they were.

Close to the end, Houck let kids who didn’t want to continue to participate go outside and talk a walk, or go sit in the commons while the other kids who still wanted to participate cleaned up the mess and cleaned the dissection tools that we used!

After math we all went back to our core classrooms and we found out what bus we were riding to our field trip. All eight of the classrooms loaded on the busses and went to Omsi. We watched a really great movie called Dream Big. It was about how the environment is with all the engineering and great things we have today because of all of the engineering! We were very lucky and got to watch it in 3D.

After the movie was done we all took a 2.5 mile walk around Portland, and got to see all the engineering that happened.

On Thursday we watched a video on how pollution is not good for our oceans. We also read through a packet, and get to pick our groups out. We set up a little kids’ pool in the commons and each group is going to make a machine that can clean all the trash out of the little kids’ pool without getting any of the animals.

After that we had some time to work with our groups again on the puppet shows that we are presenting next Wednesday!

After silent reading we did banana suturing. We started with a banana and drew a face, and some intestines. You had to be very careful when suturing because the string could go through the banana peel and cut it.


End of the Year Pool Party! by Victoria Hubler Thu, 25 May 2017 17:20:57 +0000 [Read More...]]]> CMS Travel Club is hosting a pool party at Reynolds Pool on Friday, June 2nd from 1-4pm.  The event is open to all ages, but tickets MUST be purchased in advance from the middle school or grade school offices. Refreshments will be available for purchase at the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Reynolds Pool: 1204 NE 201st Ave

Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2017! by Jenny Radulesk Sun, 21 May 2017 23:31:07 +0000 [Read More...]]]> Please join us as we send off our graduates and acknowledge all of their wonderful achievements!

MHCC – Yoshida Event Center

Sunday, May 28th @ 5:00

Doors open @ 4:00

No tickets required for entry.

Questions? Please email Mrs. Rad @