February 20, 2018

Our Staff

Our program consists of one multi-age classroom for 3 to 5 year old children.  Two teachers, Ms. Nikki and Ms. Tiffany are in the classroom at all times.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at any time utilizing the connect page. Simply click on the section labeled, ‘Contact CSD Administration via Email’, under the heading labeled, ‘Connect via email and phone’. You will be able to select ‘Corbett Preschool Staff’ from the recipients drop-down menu.

About Ms. Nikki

I first started working at Corbett Preschool in 2011. I began as a parent volunteer; loving every minute of working with the children & staff. I’ve had the privilege to watch the preschool evolve into the wonderful program it is today. My husband and I moved to Corbett so that our children could have the amazing opportunity that the Corbett School district offers. Working in the Corbett school district reminds me of my own excellent experience in school. My favorite teacher, Mr. Harmon encouraged me to be more independent and to follow my dreams of one day becoming a teacher.

I’m married with two boys, 9 and 7. We have a black Labrador retriever named “Lexie.”  My favorite food is “Shepherd’s Pie.” I enjoy spending time with my family and crocheting. I love to read to my children. My favorite children’s books are the “Little Critter” series by Mercer Mayor.

My favorite quote is by Dorothy Law Nolte a line from “Children Learn What They Live: If a child lives with encouragement he learns to be confident.” My hope is to encourage each child as they develop their confidence.


About Ms. Tiffany

I began working as a preschool teacher in 2010, and moved to Corbett Preschool in 2012.  People often ask me, “Why preschool?”  Because it is the MOST fun!  At no other school age is play so important, are the lessons so memorable, and is each day a whole new adventure.  How many jobs have a requirement of laughing as much as possible each day?  I am so lucky!

I grew up in Bend, Oregon skiing, canoeing, and loving the outdoors!  I went on to major in Biology at Reed College, and get my Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark.  I’ve worked in Early Childhood ever since.  Outside of school, I love to play with my Irish Setter, Tomato.  Together we hike, canoe, and go on adventures.  My other favorite pastimes include cooking, gardening, and most of all knitting!  I love to knit and am most frequently found with needles in hand.  My favorite food is spiral mac ‘n’ cheese, and my favorite children’s books are all by Mo Willems (especially Elephant and Piggie!).  I also have grown particularly fond of “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin.

I was a very shy child all through preschool.  What I remember most vividly is crying all through my first day with my (very patient!) mom, having to change into my spare pants after going down a very wet slide, and my incredibly loving and supportive (still to this day!) teacher, Ms. Debbie.

I have two favorite quotes about education.  The first comes from Maria Montessori who said, “play is the work of the child.”  I strive to have a classroom full of playful children, working hard each day!  I also am inspired by the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”  If it’s true, preschool teachers stay youthful forever!