February 19, 2018

Grading Guidelines

Online Progress Reports

To check your current progress, you must register a password with Mr. Killgore. The Grading guidelines Mr. Killgore uses are the same for every class; performance grades are given a score of 6 – 10:

  • 10 = no mistakes
  • 9 = 1 mistake
  • 8 = 2 or 3 mistakes
  • 7 = 4-6 mistakes
  • 6 = lots of mistakes but the entire exercise is performed to the end.
  • R = refused to play. This is a zero  and cannot be made up
  • S = Sick. A true health issue. Can be made up within one week.
  • Ab = absent. Can be made up within one week at full value.


  • Written grades are based on the number of questions/answers per assignment.
  • Participation points are given at the downbeat of each class and cannot be made up or excused.
  • Extra credit will only be added when all assignments are completed.
  • Check your class syllabus for other details.

Course Descriptions