March 26, 2015

Mr. Leone

Welcome to Mr. Leone’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Week 27 by Bella Morales

This week in Mr.Leone’s class we are doing expert writing. We have chosen topics that we know a lot about or have experiance with. We will learn more on what are topic will be as well as teaching other people…. [Read More…]

Week 22 by Dylan Paintner

This week in Mr. Leone’s class we learned about Ancient Greece, we worked on the Iliad comics, we are doing scientific Inquiry’s, and we have a field trip coming up. For the Ancient Greece project the whole class picked topics… [Read More…]

The Greecy Iliad Comic Strip, Harris Burdick, and Toothpick Hamburgers

This weeks’ blog entry is courtesy of Ms. Bella Dentler.  Thank you Bella!!! This week in Mr. Leone’s class we did short stories, ancient Greece, comic strips about the Iliad, and book shares. The short stories this week were Under… [Read More…]

Week 19 by Alex Riddell

This week was super busy. We started writing Harris Burdick stories. Each student chose a picture with a caption from the Harris Burdick book and wrote a short story.  Our typed rough draft is due today.  We polish them up… [Read More…]

Week 18 by Petra Wilson!

Before winter break, Mr. Leone assigned each student a book to read over the break. Now we get to create a google slide show about the book. The slide should include the title, the author, the genre, the setting, the… [Read More…]

Ancient Egypt Project!

On Monday, November 10 students were given a six-week long assignment.  The project involves researching and learning about multiple topics for our Ancient Egypt unit.  We have been working hard in class.  Students have used books and technology to research… [Read More…]

99 Hittite Swords and Robo-cop in Ancient Egypt by Chyanne Marble!!!

This week was awesome! We turned in all our Mesopotamia simulation tasks, finished the simulation, took a final on ancient Mesopotamia, and played a really funny game of jeopardy. There were a lot of neat Empire tasks, which were better… [Read More…]

The Milkweed Empire! by Emily Halen

This week, we finally finished our Empires game. Right now, the Babylonians are winning by nine civilization points.  The Hittites are in second, Medes in third, Phoenicians in fourth and Persians in last.  To review, we will do Mesopotamia jeopardy… [Read More…]

Week 9 by Christian King

Due dates this week: city states task. Village Task and Tribe Tasks are past due and the Nature Writing was due on Oct. 20.  Ask your student about these projects This week we started a new read aloud called MilkWeed… [Read More…]

Resource Battles, Nature Writing, and Goal Setting Conferences by JoJo Croak

This week in Mr. Leone’s class, we have had a bit more excitement than we’re used to. We have mostly moved on to our village tasks in our ancient Mesopotamia simulation, and are encouraged to try to be artistic and… [Read More…]