October 10, 2015

Mr. Leone

Welcome to Mr. Leone’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Rocks, Transitions, and Five Ideals…by Nathan Ronfeld

Hi Everyone, This weeks update is brought to you by seventh grader, Nathan Ronfeld.  Thanks Nathan!… During this week in our class, we started to work on the rock cycle, Mr. Leone taught the class a lesson on the 3… [Read More…]

Week 4 by Keali Hitch

This week in Mr. Leone’s class we talked about and studied earthquakes. After we completed our WebQuests (which Mr. Leone spilled his coffee on), we began to watch Dangerous Earthquakes. Next week we will be going on the field trip… [Read More…]

Volcanos and Projects By: Emily Halen

This week in Leone’s class we worked on/did Metaphor models, volcano vocab, volcano art and The true Meaning of Smekday which is our read aloud book. For the metaphor models, there was two types of projects. One is a poster… [Read More…]

Dispatch from our Walled Utopia: Week 35 by Nathan Ronfeld

This week our class started working on vocabulary puppet shows.  We need to create the backgrounds, scripts and the puppets before the due date on May 26th and the puppet shows will happen on May 27th. Also our class is… [Read More…]

Week 34 by Zach Chatterton

This week at Corbett Middle School we had state testing.  Every day students would come together and test for an hour.  There was reading, math, science (for 8th graders only) and tests where teachers taught a lesson about something and… [Read More…]

week 32 by Brandon Schnelle

Hey folks!  This weeks blog is brought to you by Brandon Schnelle.  Take it away Brandon… Hello everybody  So this week we have been studying wind power and wind power has been used since the Ancient Egyptians to sail across… [Read More…]

Week 31 by Caleb Escalante

This week we have been studying about many things. One of these is Hydropower.  Over the past few weeks we have been learning about non renewable energy sources. So, Mr. Leone decided it was time for his class to learn about… [Read More…]

week 30 by Rowan Deline

Hello Everyone! Over the past few weeks we’ve been researching, adding quotes and text features, and revising our chapters for our expert books.  This weekend we are wrapping up our expert books after three weeks of hard work and should… [Read More…]

week 29 by Lindsey Witczak

Hey Everybody!  This week in Mr. Leone’s class we worked on expert writing.   Two weeks before Spring Break, we all picked topics that we know a lot about.  Mine is California, cool huh?  We are going to publish a book… [Read More…]

Week 27 by Bella Morales

This week in Mr.Leone’s class we are doing expert writing. We have chosen topics that we know a lot about or have experiance with. We will learn more on what are topic will be as well as teaching other people…. [Read More…]