May 29, 2016

Mr. Leone

Welcome to Mr. Leone’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Week 36 by Evan Kreps

This morning we worked on a packet called the “100 Things I Did This Year.” We circled three things in each category and listed them from 1-3 based on how much we liked them. Some of the categories were “witnessed,”… [Read More…]

Week 35 by Bernie Heuker

This week was pretty fun and interesting. We learned about what is going on with the earth and global warming. We also learned that there is a lot of different ways you can argue. This is interesting because we don’t… [Read More…]

Week 31By: Andrew Olson!

Dear parents This week we have been working on or state testing and finishing those up, and as well as we have finished up on are testing we still have are Idioms story which is were we have one simple… [Read More…]

Global Morpheme Nutrition Warming Change by Z.T.

Hey everyone, this is Z.T. We have recently started studying climate change. Multiple groups read information and shared what info they found. We have spent some time on this (30-45 minutes per day). These packets talked about how humans have… [Read More…]

Week 29 by Annabel Flannagan

This week students have been listening to 8th grade speeches during the morning meeting giving inspirational advice on life and middle school its self. We have also been learning about what goes into our body and maybe improving our diets… [Read More…]

week 28 by K.Z.

This week we started off with Andre and Tara giving there 8th grade speech’s!  We will be hearing eleven a week for the rest of the year. We also learned about nutrition labels and what we put in our body’s, along… [Read More…]

Week 26 by Jessica Green

Hello, its me, I was wondering if you’d really to like hear about our week. We had a cool week, and almost everything, was about our civil war stuff, it was coolio bro. Today was our last day to be… [Read More…]

Week 25 by Blake Wilson

This week in Mr. Leone’s class we continued our Civil War simulation and we learned about the year of 1864 during the Civil War.  That was the turning point of the war; we focused on Sherman’s March.  Since every week… [Read More…]

Draft Riots, Gettysburg, and Black Holes by Andre Melchior…

This week we learned all about the bloodiest battle in our nation’s history. The battle of Gettysburg was our main focus alongside our space museum projects. Hopefully most of our class got in their final draft for our civil war… [Read More…]

Bull Run, Stargirl and the International Space Station by Lindsey

Civil War Assignment: This week we picked civil war topics. Each one is about a different thing based on the civil war, we get to give a speech, write a rough and final draft, and do a visual.  All these… [Read More…]