July 25, 2016

Mr. Long

Welcome to Mr. Long’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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CAPS Eighth-Grade Travel Meetin

Dear Parents and Guardians of CAPS 8th Graders, Last night at our 8th-grade trip meeting, the parents in attendance, Mr. Neighbors, and I decided: • We would not be taking a $3,000 8th-grade trip to Paris in the spring •… [Read More…]

Lessons from a Slip and Slide

Our neighbors had a slip-and-slide party for their daughter’s eighth birthday a few weeks ago. And, as her friends covered themselves with shaving cream and joyfully careened across the slip and slide on their backs and stomachs, they passed my… [Read More…]

CAPS Middle Travel Meeting

I want to thank everyone who attended the CAPS Middle travel meeting Wednesday night. We discussed the need to start (at all levels) planning for future eighth-grade trips. As promised, I am including the notes from that meeting. If anyone… [Read More…]

On Our Way

Hello parents and loved ones of Mr. Long’s CAPS students. This is just a quick check in to let you know how excited I am about the school year getting underway and how lucky I feel to work with your… [Read More…]

CAPS Art on Display

The word is out. Some excellent artwork from middle school CAPS students will be on display at the Troutdale Library at 238th and Cherry Park. The artwork is the result of an assignment that asked CAPS students to research the… [Read More…]

A Day in the Life of Our First Month at Springdale

This morning I am sitting at my desk glancing at two neat lines of brightly-painted cardboard shapes spinning and hanging from fishing line and carefully-balanced pieces of wire as they sway and circle themselves in the slight breeze from the… [Read More…]

Conferences Next Week

Hello. We had a great time sleeping out last week, gardening, and bonding as a classroom. You should be looking for Mt. St. Helens overnight permission slips and conference sign up sheets for our student/parent/teacher conferences October 2nd and 3rd.

Yeah, I said I’d spend the night.

Our third week is complete, and we have an exciting week ahead of us. First off, most of the class has recited their “13 Ways . . .” poem successfully. Those who have not, should continue to work at it… [Read More…]

Week One at the Springdale School is complete

It is hard to believe we have only been back to school for a week. These students have already created a couple “minor” visual pieces (kindness synonyms, visual representations of poetry sections), “jammed out” during studio time, memorized a portion… [Read More…]

Good Good Good, Good Vibrations

by Jett Knight Good vibrations are coming from Room 8 this week! Mr. Long is starting a whole new unit. PHYSICS. It’s going to be awesome. We started the unit with making interactive posters about a specific topic. Some of… [Read More…]