February 9, 2016

Mr. Lutes

Welcome to Mr. Lutes’ page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

In addition to direct contact with teachers, CSD is pleased to provide more granular access to specific notes from teacher classrooms. With this increased access to teacher updates published on the website comes a wide array of subscription options. Using the links provided on the Connect page, classroom families can easily define what information (news and/or teacher notes) they wish to receive, as well as how they receive this information; delivery options for each category of news and/or teacher notes includes email, text message (SMS), Twitter and RSS.

Working Our Way Through Ancient Egypt

Your student has been working their way through the first big project of the year. This project includes an informative essay with a works cited page, a visual, a group project, and a speech. We have spent several hours of… [Read More…]

2014 Outdoor School

  2014 Outdoor School Need-to-Knows   Your sixth grader is going to Outdoor school this fall! Here are some things you need to know about dropping off and picking up your student.   Outdoor School is Sunday, September 28th –… [Read More…]

81/2 Weeks Left!

The school year is flying by. The Middle Ages and Renaissance units went off without a hitch. We are now finishing up our human body systems unit and moving into a large poetry unit. We will also be studying animal… [Read More…]

The Middle Ages Unit has Begun!

We have started our Middle ages unit, which includes a simulation, large project, and a Medieval Celebration on Tuesday, December 17th. I am posting the requirements for the Middle Ages Project. King Lutes’ Medieval Era Unit Simulation   You are… [Read More…]

World Religion Project

Religion Research Unit In an effort to better understand the religions of the world and to be more informed during our future studies of the middle ages and the Renaissance, we will conduct research about world religions.   You may… [Read More…]

Jarett’s Update

During the first week of school we began working on getting to know each other and had a great time doing just that. We have also been spending time in our core classes, P.E and enrichment. All of these thing… [Read More…]

First Week Down

The first week of school flew by! I was excited to meet my new students and welcome back the veterans. We did a lot of “getting to know you” activities along with some poetry and art. We will be moving… [Read More…]