April 26, 2015

Mr. Pearson

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Unit Homework Planners:

Momentum, impulse, collisions

Universal gravitation, orbits, and circular motion


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Student survey

Class Activity for 12-08-2014:
Work and Power spreadsheet


Notes and Physics stuff

We’ve been pushing the pace in Physics. We’re working on collisions now, at least 6 weeks earlier than last year’s Physics C students. Why? We’ve got a lot to do, and this is just the first of 5 topics for… [Read More…]

What’s an orbit

A physics riddle: When the space shuttle is in orbit, astronauts experience “weightlessness”. But weightlessness implies a lack of gravity, and we know that gravity doesn’t simply disappear in low-earth orbit. So how does this happen? What is “weightlessness” exactly?… [Read More…]

Vectors have both magnitude and direction

A vector is a special thing in math. It has both size and direction, and both are important. Take velocity for an example. It’s important to know both the magnitude of an object’s velocity and its direction. This is what… [Read More…]

Week 1 in the books

The first week of school is often chaotic, especially in the admin office. I confess that I was a bit apprehensive as we got started, especially given the staffing and scheduling changes we were making right up to the last… [Read More…]