February 19, 2018

Mrs. Dawkins

Room 12 News – February 6, 2015

Good Evening! I meant to get this out earlier, but busy day.  I started with meeting with the Crown Point Country Historical Society (http://cpchs.org/).  They are busy planning a new museum that will be located near the Corbett Market.  This… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – January 17, 2015

What a RAINY day!  Looking on the bright side it gives me some time to sit and write out the news from our classroom!   SCIENCE – We are trying to include science activities at least three times each week…. [Read More…]

Room 12 News – January 5, 2015

It is so NICE to be back!  I hope that everyone had a relaxing and fun winter break and now it is back to work. The New Year is the beginning of a lot of things in our classroom.  Take… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – December 7, 2014

It looks like we might get in a FULL week of school this upcoming week.  This has been a crazy couple of weeks weather wise and lots of illnesses too!   SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR:  This week the Corbett Grade School… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – November 23, 2014

Good Afternoon! Now that the wild weather is over, we are getting back to “normal.”  Last week we were busy wrapping up our first trimester projects (realistic fiction stories and Chinook books).   Next week, we begin our second trimester!… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – November 2, 2014

Well three days at school without a voice this week was certainly a challenge! The kids did great and were very helpful.  I have been resting most of the weekend and now have my voice back.  Unfortunately, I  will be… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – Week of Sept. 29 – October 2, 2014

PICTURE DAY IS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2014!!! Whew!  What an incredible week filled with stories, hands-on activities, and lots of energy. Writing:  We are still in the early stages of our Unit of Study: Realistic Fiction.  Kids have been learning how… [Read More…]

Room 12 News: Sept. 22 – 25

Room 12 News:   Reading:  We are beginning our BOOK SHARES.  These are like advertisements for books.  Kids are asked to provide a teaser of a book that they would recommend to friends.  They need to be sure not to… [Read More…]

Author Visit

Corbett Grade School will be hosting author, Peg Willis on Monday, September 29 at 4 pm in Room 12 of the grade school. Ms. Willis’s new book, “Building the Columbia River Highway: They Said it Couldn’t be Done,” tells the… [Read More…]

Conference Schedule 2014

  Room 12 Conference Sign-ups Tuesday, October 14, 2014   3:45 pm – Paige Dillard                               4:00 pm – Beck Knight (Mom) 4:15 pm – Bernie… [Read More…]