February 21, 2018

Mrs. Dawkins

Room 12 News: Sept. 15 – 18

Room 12 News:  September 15 – 18 Math:  Math classes were back to their normal four-day!  Kids seem to be settling in and you should have received an email from your child’s math teacher.  If you haven’t, please let me know…. [Read More…]

Week 3 – Room 12 September 11

Week 3 in Room 12  – September 8 – 11 TIRED!  Two field trips this week was wonderful, but very tiring.  Here is a quick review of what happened this week and a look at the upcoming week. Reading:  Kids are still… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – Week 2 – September 5, 2014

Here is a quick recap of our week and a snapshot of our upcoming week! MATH   Everyone continues to settle into their new Math classes.  You should receive a email from your student’s math teacher this weekend discussing the details… [Read More…]

Our First Week in Review – August 28, 2014

We had an awesome first week of school.  The kids all did an amazing job of getting to know the routines, adjusting to new schedules, and welcoming new people to our school. This past week: Morning Meetings began with LOTS… [Read More…]

Exploring the Evidence Field Study

J Harlen Bretz was a geologist that spent his life being curious about the world around him.  He turned this curiosity into a theory about how the landscape of the Northwest was changed due to massive flooding over 14,000 years… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – April 24, 2014

Our classroom continues to buzz with energy!  We are preparing for our overnight field study – Exploring the Evidence by reading “Terra Tempo.”  This is a graphic novel written by some local authors.  The book takes three characters on a… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – April 11th

Thank you to our parent volunteers and the folks from the PTA for a successful jogathon on Tuesday.  Pledges can be turned in next week.  This is the one and only fund-raiser for the PTA. We finished another round of art… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – April 3, 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break!  It is hard to believe that the time is so short before the end of the school year.  This week we started a new science unit – Simple Machines.  Simple machines are non-motorized devices that… [Read More…]

February 21 – Room 12 News

It was wonderful to see how many kids were able to complete their Natural Wonder posters this week.  We have had a lot of compliments from other teachers on the completed product this week.   A couple of the classrooms… [Read More…]

Room 12 News – February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Missing Monday has put us a bit behind for our Natural Wonder Project.  It was originally due today.  We moved the due date to Tuesday, February 18.  We have really been trying to complete this project at… [Read More…]