September 26, 2016

Mrs. Handy

Week of September 12th

Students are definitely getting into the school groove now. Amazing things are happening in Room 9! Our writers have been busy creating new adventures for Archie, based on our read-aloud book. At this point, many are finished with the rough… [Read More…]

Week of September 5th

Room 9 was filled with energy this week! Here are a few details of how we spent our time – Students continue to read the Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award books, as well as other books of their own choosing…. [Read More…]

Week of August 29th

What a week – we have had a wonderful start to the school year, but I am exhausted! I think that the kids are a bit tired too. At the end of every week, I try to sent out a… [Read More…]

Week of January 25th

Most students have been working hard this week on their second keystone species. At this point, all research should be done and rough drafts of chapters written. Anyone still needing more information or to complete the rough drafts needs to… [Read More…]

Week of November 16th

We have finished up our colonies unit and will soon be heading toward revolution! Students spent time this week gathering information on the colonies from their classmates’ star-shaped books. This afternoon, I gave out five clues for each colony and… [Read More…]

Week of November 9th

Our unit on the thirteen colonies is winding down. Everyone should finish reading their historical fiction books some time next week. Time is also up for their research and colony project. Books were shared with the class today. Quality definitely varied! We are… [Read More…]

Week of November 2nd

Our commons is swimming in new alevin! Stop by to see them if you have not yet had a chance. The students should be able to give detailed accounts of the hatching process and the salmon life cycle. This week,… [Read More…]

Week of October 26th

This week, we once again evaluated reading logs to analyze our reading patterns and (hopefully) see growth in our stamina and perseverance. Most students are being more responsible about recording reading each day, but some need to remember to write… [Read More…]

Week of October 12th

We had a marvelous trip to Wildwood Recreation Area today. The students searched for and identified macroinvertebrates in the river, found numerous familiar plants and trees, completed a scavenger hunt, sketched in their nature journals, and even had a short… [Read More…]

Week of October 5th

Quite a busy week! We enjoyed having several visitors – Jack Nisbet, our local firefighters, and the ECO ladies. Hopefully, your family can make it to the Open House at the Corbett fire station on Saturday. We still found time… [Read More…]