August 19, 2017

Ms. Hubler

Welcome to Ms. Hubler’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

In addition to direct contact with teachers, CSD is pleased to provide more granular access to specific notes from teacher classrooms. With this increased access to teacher updates published on the website comes a wide array of subscription options. Using the links provided on the Connect page, classroom families can easily define what information (news and/or teacher notes) they wish to receive, as well as how they receive this information; delivery options for each category of news and/or teacher notes includes email, text message (SMS), Twitter and RSS.

CMS Travel Club

We are headed to the East coast this year and we’d love to have you join us! We will be traveling to New York City and Washington, D.C. in early June. The trip will be packed with incredible opportunities that… [Read More…]


Can you believe I actually said that!  Me… the only teacher in the middle school building who doesn’t even own a television…just said, “Watch this show!”  I know.  It’s totally crazy… but it’s also your homework for this weekend. I’ve… [Read More…]

Important Classroom Information

Greetings Families of Room 7 , FIELD TRIP: Students went home with a permission slip for our upcoming field trip yesterday.  The field trip is scheduled for next Monday, February 9th.  We will head to downtown Portland for a tour of… [Read More…]

Ancient Egyptian Geography

Hi team.  I am really under the weather and Mr. Callahan needs your help.  Use this link: Ancient Egyptian Geography – to access all the websites you need to complete the Ancient Egyptian Study Guide.  You will need to scroll… [Read More…]

Tombs and the Afterlife

Use the following links to access a number of resources which will help you complete the ‘Fact Finding Worksheet’ and the tomb building project. The Mummy Who Would Be King Secrets of the Pharaohs: King Tut Dead Men’s Tales: The… [Read More…]

Egypt Map

Use this link to complete the map on Ancient Egypt.  Remember to use colored pencils and that spelling COUNTS! Map of Ancient Egypt

Commas Saves Lives

Fall Conferences

Hello, Hello to one and all! The beginning of the year has been filled with so much amazing work from the students and staff here at CMS! I so love being a part of this community. Thank you for your… [Read More…]

Upcoming CMS Field Trip

Permission slips for our fall trip are coming home with students today. Please note that it is a TWO-PART permission slip – one part for CMS and one part for Synergo (the company running the ropes course). You will also… [Read More…]

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