April 25, 2017

Ms. Luna

Welcome to Ms. Luna’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

In addition to direct contact with teachers, CSD is pleased to provide more granular access to specific notes from teacher classrooms. With this increased access to teacher updates published on the website comes a wide array of subscription options. Using the links provided on the Connect page, classroom families can easily define what information (news and/or teacher notes) they wish to receive, as well as how they receive this information; delivery options for each category of news and/or teacher notes includes email, text message (SMS), Twitter and RSS.

Español at CAPS

Español at CAPS ¡Hola! I wanted to write a short note to let our families know what our students have been learning in Spanish class. I teach each of the classes ½ hour lesson each day. We start with the… [Read More…]

Mexico 2012 Meeting

There will be an informational meeting for those interested in studying abroad next summer in Guanajuato, Mexico at 7pm on January 25th in Mrs. Luna’s classroom.

Español Avanzado – Tarea trimestre 2

¡Feliz año nuevo! I meant to get this post up here at the beginning of break, but here we are almost back in class! I hope you have all had a wonderful rest and begun working on your outside tasks… [Read More…]

Sra. Luna’s Spanish I

Sra. Luna’s Spanish I class will go on a field trip on Monday Nov. 14th to practice newly acquired vocabulary in Spanish. We will go to La Tapatia Super Mercado and the restaurant next door to practice ordering food at… [Read More…]

Mexico 2012

Hola – There will be a “Mexico 2012” meeting on Wednesday October 12th – the same night as high school conferences – from 7:30 until 8:00pm. Any interested students and their parents are encouraged to attend. Ideally, I would like… [Read More…]

Advanced Spanish Verbal Practice

Hi All- Students need to visit the following site: clear.msu.edu/mashups/11419 and complete a verbal activity. This should be completed by Monday September 26th if at all possible. If students have problems locating a computer with a microphone, I will have… [Read More…]

Espanol Avanzado – Tarea (Outside Tasks)

Hola! Students in advanced Spanish are expected to complete six tasks each term outside of class. The tasks may vary by trimester. This first trimester students must do the following on their own time: 1. Find at least 5 examples… [Read More…]


Bienvenidos a las clases de español. Welcome to Spanish class at Corbett High School. I am Sra. Luna – one of four Spanish teachers at the high school level (two are charter employees and two are Corbett Schools employees). All… [Read More…]

Spanish Immersion: Study in Guanajuato Mexico in July of 2012

This past July, I spent a month in Guanajuato finishing up my course work for a master’s in teaching Spanish at the University of Guanajuato. But, the best part was, that this time I was able to bring four Corbett… [Read More…]