January 20, 2018

Ms. Steichen

Welcome to Ms. Steichen’s page.

Odds and Ends

Do you have shoe boxes around the house that you would like to donate? We’d love to have them! Boot boxes or larger than usual shoe boxes are gladly welcomed as well. If you have extra time between 2:30 and… [Read More…]

Weekly Update

Monday is Halloween but please leave the celebrating for outside of school and keep costumes at home. Last week we finished our second read aloud book of the year: Five Children and It  by E. Nesbit. Ask your student what… [Read More…]

Classroom Update

Last week we began our timed multiplication tests. Every Monday and Wednesday students will have 3 minutes to complete 60 multiplication facts. We started with 2 facts and already have 21 students successfully move onto 3s. Students can use their… [Read More…]

Papers sent home

Conference reminders were sent home on Monday. If you did not receive a reminder and do not remember when your conference is, please let me know. If you have a conflict and need to adjust the time and/or date of… [Read More…]

Review & Preview

Last week we continued our study of science with an experiment about light. Using mirrors, students studied how light travels in rays and always in straight lines. In art we studied texture by finding textures throughout the room and creating… [Read More…]

The Past Weeks!

It has been a very busy few weeks and I apologize for not updating more frequently. Two weeks ago we went on a very educational field trip to the Barlow Road. We stopped at Laurel Hill, Summit Prairie, and a… [Read More…]

ECO tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we will be working with ECO, the group that helped us plant our outdoor classroom along the trail last year. Please bring a raincoat and rainboots, or a change of shoes, as it might be wet as we… [Read More…]

Week Review

Our second week of school is over… although it feels like we’ve been together much longer. I see lots of new friendships being formed, progress in mastering routines, engagement in class subjects, and confidence growing already. Some highlights from the… [Read More…]

Field Trip 9/14

On Wednesday we are going with Mrs. Dawkins’ class to Mt. Hood to see some sights from the Barlow Road and visit a pioneer camp. The buses will be leaving at 8:00 am so make sure to be at school… [Read More…]

Math reminder

Just a reminder about math: If your student did not finish a lesson in class (meaning they are walking out a full lesson further than when they walked in), they should be taking their book home to finish. If they… [Read More…]