February 26, 2017

Ms. Tucker

Welcome to Ms. Tucker’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Winter in Our K-1 Classroom

Winter is my favorite time of the school year. Students are in their grooves, they’re making growth and they are excited about what they’re learning. Please enjoy some pictures of our fun month of learning! The week leading up to… [Read More…]

One Week of 2017

We managed to have one full week in this new year, and it was a productive and fun one! Students wrote their first opinion pieces of the year, stating their favorite snow day activity, backed by 2-3 reasons. We also… [Read More…]

Nutcracker December, Part 2 and a Buddy Celebration

We managed to get a lot in, in our 2 days together this week! Mrs. Bell-Watkins continued her ballet instruction and practice. Students drew, outlined and painted their own nutcrackers Deciding to move up our buddy celebration turned out to… [Read More…]

Nutcracker December, Part 1

Our class, along with Ms. Collins’ and Mrs. Bell-Watkins’ classrooms, get to explore the story of the Nutracker this month. We began by listening to the high school strings ensemble play “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. In PE, we… [Read More…]

Snowy Day

We were surprised with lots of snow yesterday! We started the day by catching snowflakes on black paper, to examine them up close. As the snow accumulated, we earned some time to enjoy it freely! The cold fingers were worth… [Read More…]

OMSI Learning

Students have been exploring our galaxy and had the opportunity to investigate further, with a trip to OMSI’s Planetarium and Space Exhibit. I tried to capture these moments, as students were busily engaged. Thanks to parents who chaperoned and jumped… [Read More…]

Buddies’ Celebration and Math Fun

This week students got to celebrate Buddies with a party in Mrs. DiMaggio’s room. They decorated sugar cookies, made thankful pumpkins and watched a video. We love our buddy time! Thanks to families for their donations and help. Math students… [Read More…]

Fall-tastic October

Students got to participate in a school-wide art project. Please enjoy their work in the west hallway. Tartar Patrol Assembly! Fire Safety! Students shaped the phases of the moon into cookies.. and got to consume their work! Students had a… [Read More…]

Room 6 This Week

Scooter races in PE are always a favorite Making moon craters in science A peek into Reader’s Workshop Explore Time, where students explore with their minds: Bode, Nolan, Zeke and Addy enjoy the listening center and math apps Jeremy, Landon,… [Read More…]

The Moon, The Earth and Some Colorful Rocks

Students are fascinated with the world around them, and our study of the Moon and Earth is offering us some fun, hands-on learning. Check out our week in pictures: Salt Dough Layers of the Earth! Elmer’s Glue Moon Craters! Painting… [Read More…]