April 15, 2014

Mr. Leone

Welcome to Mr. Leone’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Week 30 by Tristin Hutzenbiler

This week  we learned a lot of stuff this week.  For example we did  animal trading cards which is kind of based on a baseball or basket ball card. I thought it was cool learning about a specific animal. My animal was… [Read More...]

Week 29 by Tara Conrad

Hey guys! We just got back from spring break! This week in Mr. Leone’s class we have been working on body systems. We have been learning about hair, skin, and nails. We also learned how scientists classify living things.  Did… [Read More...]

Shakespeare, Sonnets, and Make Lemonade! Parker

Week twenty-six in Leone’s classroom went by fast. We learned about William Shakespeare, Sonnets, and we even started two different read-alouds. We moved onto Smiles to Go, Mr. Leone chose to dump that one because it was about splitting molecules… [Read More...]

week 25 by Emily Halen

Week 25   By: Emily Halen This week , we learned all about the Endocrine System. We reviewed it by playing Endocrine System jeopardy!  We also did an awesome art project called cubist art. Its like Picasso art. What we… [Read More...]

Week 24 by Andrew Melchoir

Don’t forget that the profile on your Renaissance topic is due this Monday, February 24.     We have written instructions for the Renaissance project; ask your student to tell you all about it This week we learned about nervous… [Read More...]

A Crazy Week in Mr. Leone’s Class by JoJo Croak

This week, we learned about heredity, or the inheritance of genes from parents, like if a white bunny and a black bunny have babies what is the probability that the babies will be black. We also learned about bone disorders,… [Read More...]

Week 19 by Dylan Paintner

This week in Mr.Leone’s class we are doing a writing assignment called “obfuscation station”.  That’s when we rewrite a morning meeting song and make the words more complicated. For example, the word “Car”, we would rewrite and make it “automobile”…. [Read More...]

Week 18 by Manny Krueger

This week in class we have learned a number of things about mitosis and the cell system.  Each table group made a poster representing  the different stages of  Mitosis.  Our Teacher, Mr. Leone, is currently reading The House of the… [Read More...]

Week 16 by Chyanne Marble

This week we had a snow day and a two hour delay!  This meant that we had to do the rest of the speeches that were supposed to go on Tuesday on Wednesday.  And the kids who hadn’t gone yet went on thursday, and… [Read More...]

week 15 by ~FRITZ~

Week 15 was a great week! As you know we have been studying The Middle ages for a long time.  This week our main focus was monks and monasteries. We learned about how peaceful a Monastery is and got to… [Read More...]