October 25, 2014

Mr. Leone

Welcome to Mr. Leone’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

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Week 9 by Christian King

Due dates this week: city states task. Village Task and Tribe Tasks are past due and the Nature Writing was due on Oct. 20.  Ask your student about these projects This week we started a new read aloud called MilkWeed… [Read More...]

Resource Battles, Nature Writing, and Goal Setting Conferences by JoJo Croak

This week in Mr. Leone’s class, we have had a bit more excitement than we’re used to. We have mostly moved on to our village tasks in our ancient Mesopotamia simulation, and are encouraged to try to be artistic and… [Read More...]

week 7 by Lauren Heidegger

This week in Mr. Leone’s class, the 6th graders got back from Outdoor School so morning meeting was full again! We started playing the Fertile Crescent game, and learned about Mesopatamia. Every day our group got to pick where their… [Read More...]

Ancient Falling Cream Puffs by Daphne Scott!

Oh my gosh! Rain is finally falling from the sky! Can you believe that summer has ended? Now that Fall is here, we are all more comfortable and in the routine for school. Just in these few weeks, we’ve done… [Read More...]

Week 3 Down!

I don’t know how three weeks have slipped by without an update! Look for weekly updates by the students in this class. At this point, everyone has settled in nicely.  We are in full swing with school work and activities…. [Read More...]

Eighth Grade Promotion and Dance 5/29!

Here are the details for eighth grade promotion.  Join us this Thursday, May 29th! Eighth grade promotion is a celebration of our eighth graders’ accomplishments.  We will hear from the middle school rock band, strings, honor our Cardinal 3 recipients, and hear… [Read More...]

Week 31 by Lauren!

This week in Leone’s class my favorite part was the book we are reading The Fault in Our Stars. It is the BEST book ever. You feel like your in the book and thats amazing. As amazing as having cancer… [Read More...]

Week 30 by Tristin Hutzenbiler

This week  we learned a lot of stuff this week.  For example we did  animal trading cards which is kind of based on a baseball or basket ball card. I thought it was cool learning about a specific animal. My animal was… [Read More...]

Week 29 by Tara Conrad

Hey guys! We just got back from spring break! This week in Mr. Leone’s class we have been working on body systems. We have been learning about hair, skin, and nails. We also learned how scientists classify living things.  Did… [Read More...]

Shakespeare, Sonnets, and Make Lemonade! Parker

Week twenty-six in Leone’s classroom went by fast. We learned about William Shakespeare, Sonnets, and we even started two different read-alouds. We moved onto Smiles to Go, Mr. Leone chose to dump that one because it was about splitting molecules… [Read More...]