October 31, 2014

Ms. Church

Welcome to Ms. Church’s page. As this site develops, so will the content published here on this page, as well as in the posts contained herein below this content.

In addition to direct contact with teachers, CSD is pleased to provide more granular access to specific notes from teacher classrooms. With this increased access to teacher updates published on the website comes a wide array of subscription options. Using the links provided on the Connect page, classroom families can easily define what information (news and/or teacher notes) they wish to receive, as well as how they receive this information; delivery options for each category of news and/or teacher notes includes email, text message (SMS), Twitter and RSS.

HONK! presented by Performing Arts Club

HONK! Corbett Performing Arts Club is excited to present HONK! For the past two months, Corbett students have been hard at work preparing to perform the musical version of the Ugly Duckling story. George Stiles and Anthony Drew’s award winning… [Read More...]

Corbett Performing Arts Club!

The new Corbett Schools Performing Arts Club will be holding an informational parent meeting on Nov 25th, 6pm at Springdale School. We will discuss audition opportunities for our winter performance, sound, lighting and tech needs, volunteer opportunities, goals for the… [Read More...]

Outdoor School is Coming Up!

Beginning on November 3rd, Corbett School’s 6th graders will attend a full week of Outdoor School.  Once again, in order to ensure that every 6th grade student may participate, the cost of this program is covered completely by Corbett School… [Read More...]

Space Museum! By Jane Hawley

This week and for the next couple  of weeks our class (and most of the school) is working a lot on space museum thats coming up. On Feb.27 till 5:00 our school will be set up like a museum. Each exhibit… [Read More...]

Travel Club 2013 — The Eastern Seaboard Tour!

Are you interested in traveling to new and exciting places with your friends? Would you like to see New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C? There is still time to enroll in the Travel Club’s 2013 student trip to the… [Read More...]

Corbett Travel Club 2013!

Make incredible memories in 2013!  The Corbett Travel Club will be traveling to the Eastern Seaboard for eight days this June.  All students or former students from Corbett Middle School (main campus or Springdale) and their families are welcome to… [Read More...]

Join Corbett Travel Club!

The Corbett Travel Club will be traveling to the East Coast in June! Possible itineraries include Philadelphia, New York City, the Washington DC area, and Boston. Please join us for an informational meeting Tuesday, October 16th at 5:00 in the… [Read More...]

Volcanoes, Plates, and Interviews

The 2013 school year has begun beautifully in our classroom! The “old” students have been helping the new students learn procedures, routines, and expectations, and the new students have settled in beautifully. I have enjoyed getting to know some of… [Read More...]

Welcome to the 2012 -2013 School Year!

I am so excited to get back to school this year! I can’t wait to see the returning students, and I’m excited to meet the new members of our class community. The teachers have planned a lot of great projects… [Read More...]

Track and Field, by Josh Layton

Sports have been one thing that really brings our community together. From high school football to even the middle school game under the lights. From basketball, to the volleyball team’s pink night. The sports in Corbett really bring the community… [Read More...]