April 21, 2014

The Trillium Room

Trillium Room April 17

This week, the ECO (Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors) ladies came to talk to us about the rock cycle.  After learning about how forces inside the earth change and form rocks, we focused on igneous specimens.  Using a classification tree,… [Read More...]

Trillium Room April 10

  Oh, what an exciting time of year!  There are so many special events coming up.   As you (hopefully) know, we have 2 upcoming field trips:  May 2nd and May 6th.  We are requesting chaperones for both of these… [Read More...]

Trillium Room april 4

We’ve jumped right back into the school routine without missing a beat.   We’re learning the 4 main types of clouds.  One is a puffy, friendly little cloud that shows up on fair-weather days; one is a tall giant who… [Read More...]

Trillium Room March 20

Happy Springtime!  The sunshine has helped give an added glow to the Trillium Room. We are in the middle of a mini-unit on weather, with an emphasis on clouds.  We haven’t gotten into the different kinds of clouds yet, but… [Read More...]

Trillium Room March 13

Dear families, We’ve got some serious shakin’ goin’ on.   Studying earthquakes has been a lot of fun.  Perhaps calling a natural disaster “fun” isn’t quite proper, but the science of it is really fascinating.  Using the spaghetti and marshmallows you… [Read More...]

100th Day Parade Photos!

Primary had a blast today marching the halls, celebrating the 100th day of school.  

Trillium Room Feb. 27

How exciting to see the beautifully decorated ‘100’s’ come in!  Next Thursday (6th) is the big event and we are planning the annual “100th Day Parade.”  On Thursday, your child is welcome to bring an instrument or noisemaker to school… [Read More...]

Trillium Room Feb. 22

We have begun the second part of our “Mountain Detective” unit:  Earthquakes.  This week, we learned about the layers of the earth, tectonic plates, and fault lines.  The kids are really interested in this topic.  If anyone in your family… [Read More...]

Trillium Room Feb. 13th

Hello families, What a packed two-and-a-half days!  It was such a fun week in the Trillium Room and we’re so happy we got to spend it with the kids we adore (Valentine’s Day brings out the mushy in us). In… [Read More...]

Trillium Room Jan 31

It’s been so fun to read the recollections of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.  Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write them down.  It’s not too late to bring in a memory.  If… [Read More...]