Enrolling in CAPS (Corbett Art Program with Spanish) at Springdale by Lori Luna

I get many inquiries each week about how people can either join Corbett School District or enroll in CAPS at Springdale. The process can seem very complicated, but I will try to lay it out as clearly as possible.

For Residents: Resident families have the choice of either attending the Corbett Grade School and Middle School or CAPS on a space available basis. Our online application for CAPS will be available in late April or early May (there will be a sign up window of at least two weeks), at the close we will fill the slots we have available. If there are more applicants than space, there will be a lottery and residents will have top priority in that lottery.

For Non-Residents: If a family is looking to enroll their child in Corbett School District for the first time or they are currently attending on an inter-district transfer, there will be a lottery for the DISTRICT (not CAPS) in March. The online application should be available on or about March 1st along with the number of spaces available. When a student is admitted through this process, s/he essentially becomes a Corbett student for as long as s/he chooses to remain with the district. Inter-district transfer families are encouraged to apply through the lottery as we will provide enough slots for all of them to be admitted (they have first priority in the lottery) and then they will not have to go through the inter-district transfer process again.

The other avenue for admittance to Corbett School District is through the inter-district transfer process – in this case the parent must request release for their student from the home district, the paperwork is then transferred to Corbett where the Superintendent can then approve or deny the applicant based on space availability. The inter-district transfer process must be renewed every year the student continues to reside outside the Corbett School District boundary.

Once your student has been accepted into Corbett School District, you may apply for enrollment in CAPS through the CAPS lottery in late April or early May. Resident students will have first priority in this lottery, students who have already attended Corbett School through another avenue will have second priority and those newly admitted through the March lottery will have third priority. There will only be a lottery if applicants outnumber the spaces available.