COVID-19 Update (01/12/2021)

Yesterday, a panel of Corbett School District stakeholders, including parents, staff, board members, and medical professionals convened to consider whether we could safely return to in-person instruction in the near future. The group was unanimous in recommending to the board that we not begin on-campus instruction until staff has an opportunity to receive vaccinations, and that with cases locally continuing to increase we should continue to follow the metric developed by scientists and medical professionals. The state is having another COVID summit on January 19, and may come out with new guidance. The Corbett School Board of Trustees is meeting January 20, and will consider recommendations from our panel and the state authorities, as well as community factors.  As we have committed to giving families and staff at least two weeks notice prior to changing instruction modes, we can say that we are extending Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) through February 4. Expect further announcements early the prior week.

Since CDL continues to be pushed out and some students continue to struggle, we are starting Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) in two weeks. There are very specific guidelines regarding how many students we can accommodate and how they are selected, but we can start with 50 students, separated into six “cohorts.” As required by state guidance, the Student Assistance Teams at each school have used an objective scoring rubric to rank students who are struggling and create a priority list. Families of those students are being contacted currently and preparations are being made for staffing, facilities, nutrition and transportation. As we demonstrate that we can run this LIPI program safely and successfully, we are allowed to increase the number of students we serve, and we plan to do so if CDL continues to be pushed out. Though our site teams believe they are aware of which students are struggling, there is a chance they missed something. If you believe your scholar should be considered and was not, please contact the site administrator, and they will be considered for the first expansion.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

Dan Wold; Interim Superintendent

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