February 18, 2018

Safety Measures

Corbett Schools have had safety procedures in place for a very long time.  In light of recent national events, this is a good time to review and upgrade practices.  Teachers, support staff, administration and community resources are all working together to take care of the children on campus.  Here is an update of some of the things that are good reminders or are in development regarding school safety:

  1. Please communicate with your child’s grade school teacher if your regular go home routine has a permanent change.
  2. Call into the office or send a note if there is a change in the go home routine of a grade school student for a particular day.
  3. Notify the office if your contact information changes.
  4. It is best to have a parent pick up their grade school child from school and take them to their scheduled club activity.  The parent should call the office or communicate with the teacher if their student is going to a club activity on campus and they are unable to make it to school to escort their child.  Clubs will send a representative to pick up Corbett Grade School students from the office for the activity.
  5. School personnel are in the grade school until 5:00 pm.  The office staff can assist a parent of a child at any grade level.  The direct phone number is 503-261-4236.  The grade school principal’s direct line, Mrs. Hanes, is 503-261-4245.  All personnel direct line phone numbers can be found at in this PDF file (you can also cut and paste this URL: http://corbett.k12.or.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Corbett-Phone-Extensions-08-15-2012.pdf — or you can click on the Connect page on the District’s home page).
  6. The bus manager, Allan Greathouse, is at the bus barn until each and every bus returns.  His direct line is 503-261-4265.
  7. If there is a question of your child’s whereabouts after 5:00 pm and you are concerned about their security, this would warrant a 911 call.
  8. School staff have reviewed, and will continue to review, practices for unexpected emergencies, such as an intruder.
  9. The District has met with the Multnomah County Sheriff to review safety procedures and plan for future trainings with school staff for emergency scenarios.
  10. We are reviewing visitor check in practices.
  11. We are reviewing locked door practices.
  12. The campus wide (including CAPS at Springdale) intercom notification system is being tested.  We have the ability to make an all call emergency announcement for students and staff.
  13. The Multnomah County Community Citizens Patrol will volunteer their time, when they are able, to the parking lot before school, during high school lunch and after school.
  14. The school secretaries have panic tone buttons for quick alerts.
  15. There are plans to coordinate student lock down drills.
  16. The Corbett Grade School is working on a family email loop that is in addition to any email notifications from the district website.
  17. The Corbett Water District has offered the service of their automated call system in the event that the District’s is not accessible in an emergency.
  18. We will continue to educate parents on how to sign up to receive automatic notifications from district website postings through multiple media avenues.
  19. Parents get an automated telephone call when their student is entered as absent.
  20. There are continued school conversations about these steps and brainstorming more safety enhancements.

Thank you for being a part of our school community as parents, families, staff and students.  We look forward to an ongoing commitment to the safety and security of everyone on campus.

DeeDee Hanes About DeeDee Hanes

My husband Rick and I have lived in Corbett for twenty-nine years. We have two children, Andrew and Krissy. They both graduated from Corbett High School and were busy in the classroom and on the sports fields. Andrew went on to the University of Southern California to earn an Aerospace Engineering degree and Krissy went to the University of Oregon and graduated in International Studies. They are grateful to the Corbett School District for opening doors for them in the world of higher education.

I have worked for Corbett Schools since 1998 and teaching even longer, since 1985! I went to Oregon State and received my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Reading. My Masters in Educational Practices and Foundations of Administration was earned from Portland State University. I also received my Special Education Endorsement from Portland State.

My family loves to camp, play sports, board games, books, movies, and traveling. Rick spends some of his extra time helping coach the Corbett Softball Team. I may just spend some of my extra time studying gourmet cooking now that both our children are out of the house!