Student Services

About Student Services

Corbett School District is made up of schools where all students have access to high quality instruction. Corbett School District believes that the entire community benefits from including and supporting all students. Student Services is comprised of three programs:

Health Room, K-12
  • Maintains school health services to students with a range of needs
  • Provides a Registered Nurse twice a week
  • Provides a Nursing Assistant all school days
Title X: Homeless Student Services
  • Title X/Homeless Education does not just serve families living in shelters or cars, but all students who do not have a fixed, regular & adequate living situation. We need your help to identify these students!
  • Title X students and families may be able to receive the following supplies, services and referrals:
    • Backpacks
    • School supplies
    • Clothing
    • Hygiene supplies
    • Cap & Gown
    • Transportation
    • School lunch
    • FAFSA letters
    • Reduced Fees
    • Information about food assistance
    • Information about housing & energy assistance
Foster Care:
  • Content to be added.
Special Education, Age 0-21
  • Locates, identifies, assesses students with disabilities
  • Partnership with MECP to support children, age 0-5
  • Provides Specially Designed Instruction in the most inclusive environment possible under the supervision of highly qualified staff
English Learners, K-12
  • Locates, identifies and assesses English Learners
  • Provides explicit instruction in the English Language Forms and Functions Standards under the supervision of highly qualified staff
Translation Services
  • Translates documents into home language
  • Provides translation services to ensure the understanding of a student’s educational progress
  • Translation Services may be requested to include, but not limited to, the following: IEP meetings, parent conferences and communications with teachers and administrative staff

Director of Student Services:
Jeanne Swift – – (503) 261-4235