Health Services

The School Health page for the Corbett School District exists to inform students and parents of Corbett health policies, provide information and resources about the Corbett Health office, as well as provide information from Oregon Health authorities.

Special Education Staff Contact Information

Director of Student Services:
Jeanne Swift –

Requests for Translation:
Jeanne Swift, Director of Student Services –

K-12 Health Room: (503) 261-4258
Cheryl Reams –
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

School Nurse
Julie Nakamura –
Mondays, Thursdays: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Immunization Deadline!
Please get your current immunization paperwork to the school office as soon as possible.  Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 is the exclusion date this year; children without current immunization records or certificates of exemption will not be allowed to attend school until updated records are received.  Immunizations are free!  There are many clinics that we can refer you to if your child needs a shot.  Please contact the school nurse or Cheryl Reams in the health room if you have any questions about the process.  Don’t hesitate to ask!
Immunization Requirements

2019-20 Immunization Requirements PDF (English) – soon to be updated
2019-20 Immunization Requirements PDF (Spanish) – soon to be updated

In order to claim a Non-Medical Immunization exemption, please complete the required education available through your health care practitioner or the online vaccine education module at

Non-Medical Immunization Requirements PDF (English)
Non-Medical Immunization Requirements PDF (Spanish)

Immunization Data

Please refer to the link below for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Immunizations and Exemption Rates from the Oregon Health Authority.
FAQ About Immunization Data

Multnomah County’s Immunization Rates

In the links below you will find graphs for immunization data specific to Corbett Schools.

2021 Immunization Data

Corbett School Immunization Data (K-12) – October 2021

2020 Immunization Data

Corbett School Immunization Data (K-12) – September 2020

Corbett School Immunization Data – October 2020

2019 Immunization Data


2018 Immunization Data

Corbett School Immunization Data (K-12) – March 2018

Corbett School Immunization Data (K-12) – November 2018

2017 Immunization Data

Corbett School Immunization Data (K-12)- 2017

2016 Immunization Data

Corbett Grade School Immunization Data – 2016

Corbett Middle School Immunization Data – 2016

Corbett High School Immunization Data – 2016

2015 Measles Data

Measles Fact Sheet English 2015

Vision/Dental Screening Requirements for students entering Kindergarten:

Please complete the following form: Vision/Dental Screening Certification
For Vision Screening House Bill: See 2013 Oregon HB3000 Section 1: (2)(a) through (3)(b)
For Dental Screening House Bill: See 2015 Oregon HB2972 Section 1: (2)(a) through (3)(c)

Medication Administration during Extended School Day Trips

Guidelines for medication administration during overnight school trips will follow Policy for the administration of medication to students outlined by the Oregon Department of Education. If the school nurse does not accompany students on a trip, the student’s teacher, principal, or other designated school employee will be responsible for medication administration. Each individual school personnel designated to administer medications will receive Medication Administration training.

For overnight school trips:The administration of medication to students shall be done only when the student’s health may be jeopardized without the medication. Any medication to be administered to a student will be kept in the possession of the teacher or designated person and will be given as delegated.

    • Only medications that are “medically necessary” should be requested for administration. Please refrain from requesting administration of multivitamins, herbal or dietary supplements without the written permission from a physician. The Oregon Department of Education prohibits the administration of dietary supplements.
    • An Authorization for Administration of Medication for Extended School Day Trips form must be submitted by the parent for all medication (all prescription and over-the-counter medications) that will be medically necessary during the trip and/or for doses of medications that are not ordinarily administered by school personnel. Forms must be completed in their entirety.
      Inhalers and emergency medications may be carried by students who have an Authorization for Self Administration of Medication form on file in the health room.
    • All Requests for Medication Administration for Extended School Day Tripforms must be returned to the school nurse no later than 2 weeks prior to the trip. If this deadline has passed, please make every effort to get these forms and medications to the Health Room ASAP The Health Room is located in the grade school.
    • The parent must provide the school nurse with the original labeled prescription bottle with the appropriate amount of medication in it. Bottles containing medication that exceeds the number of the days of the trip will not be accepted. Medications in baggies or in unlabeled or incorrect bottles will not be accepted. The medication must match the bottle it is in.


Extended School Day Field Trip Medication Administration Form

Field Trip Health Services Form For Staff

Self Medication Agreement

Authorization for Medication Administration

Preventing Underage Marijuana Use:

Parents’ Guide to Talking with Your Kids PDF
Parents’ Guide to Talking with Your Kids PDF (Spanish)

Multnomah County has student health centers in several Multnomah County schools, including Centennial High School and David Douglas High School in East County.  The centers provide medical and mental health services to children ages 5 – 18 at no cost.

Other Health Related Resources:

Multnomah County Student Health Center – Flyer (August 2023)

MESD Comprehensive Communicable Disease Management Plan (August 2023)