School Board Moves Forward with Energy Upgrades/Cost Saving Measures by Randy Trani

Last Thursday the School Board voted 6-0 to move forward with an energy upgrade package to the main campus.  At the urging of the Oregon Department of Energy, the board met in special session to approve the energy project because energy  loan interest rates are expected to go up this week.

As stewards of public resources it was prudent to make this decision two weeks earlier than we had scheduled in order to save the district tens of thousands of dollars in increased interest fees. A copy of information presented to the board can be seen by clicking here.

The Schools will be Warmer Next Winter

Highlights from the project include:

  • The project will be funded with a $583,136 Small Scale Local Energy Loan program, Senate Bill 1149 Energy Credits, and CEWO Grant Funding
  • The project will generate nearly $21,000 in positive cash flow to the district for the life of the loan.
  • Air quality in all classrooms will be improved.
  • An additional boiler will be added to the High School/Gym complex to meet minimum heating requirements.
  • New web based control systems will be purchased to maximize efficient use of boiler run times.
  • Construction will likely begin by the first part of January and be completed by July.
  • Energy use will be monitored for one year after project completion to validate energy savings.
  • Should predicted energy savings not be realized McKinstry will reimburse the district for those unrealized energy savings.

This project is predicted to save energy, create a better learning environment, AND save the district money!  It is a win, Win, WIN!