Corbett Arts Program at Springdale – CAPS by Lori Luna

CAP at Springdale School

The Corbett School Board has voted to move ahead with plans to open Springdale School in the fall of 2012. This will be an exciting new satellite program of Corbett Schools offering a unique arts-focused curriculum for students in grades K-8. There will be a lottery held to fill the available classroom slots at the Springdale site. Resident families will have first priority in the lottery –siblings have added priority, next in line are other current Corbett School students who do not reside in Corbett, and finally remaining slots will be filled by non-resident students who have been accepted through the inter-district transfer process.
There will be a series of meetings to explain the plans at the Springdale site and the lottery process for admittance to the program.
• The first meeting will be to explain the Corbett Schools to newly admitted students and their families on April 24th at 7pm in the MPB.
• The next major meeting will be held on May 1st at 7pm in the MPB. This meeting is intended for RESIDENT families who would like to know more about the Corbett Arts Program at Springdale (CAPS). The window for applying to the lottery for CAPS will also open on May 1st and will close at midnight on May 17th.
• The final meeting is May 23rd at 7pm in the MPB. This meeting will be for families whose students have been admitted to CAPS.