Grade School Drop Off, Pick Up and Crossing Guards by DeeDee Hanes

Thank you for following the routine at the grade school front entrance by the curb and crosswalk.  With your help of honoring the following guidelines children are arriving to school safer and more efficiently.

  1. Please use the crosswalk at all times.
  2. Wait until the Crossing Guard Volunteer has signaled it is safe to cross with the flags out.
  3. Cross between the flags on the bright yellow striped crosswalk.
  4. If dropping off your student, pull as far forward as possible along the red curb as far up to the cafeteria before unloading.  This allows other cars to fill in behind you so we don’t block the buses or traffic at the road.  Please pull forward EVEN in stormy weather!
  5. Follow the white arrows along the curb to drop off.
  6. Use the yellow arrow lane for flow through traffic.
  7. Make sure you use your traffic signal when pulling out into the yellow arrow lane for flow through and look in your side mirror.
  8. Keep clear the service road by the red gate where the buses need to pull in and out.
  9. Follow these guidelines.  Students are watching how we react as adults to the rules of being a citizen in a larger community.
  10. Sign up in the grade school office to be a part of the Crossing Guard Volunteers.  Students in fourth grade or higher and any adult may be a part of this school and community service.
  11. Only staff and students are allowed behind the school where the buses are loading and unloading.
  12. If you have an unplanned need to pick up your student please go through the office.  503-261-4236  Call as early as possible or go to the office counter.
  13. Thank you!!!