Corbett School District’s Commitment to ALL Students and Their Families by Randy Trani

    Recently, the Corbett School Board delivered a letter to the Corbett Charter School Board of Directors that alerted them that at the end of 2013-14 school year the District will be critically examining any future rental agreements. This correspondence was drafted in regards to the rental agreement only and is not related to the renewal of the Charter Agreement. (For a copy of that letter click here Charter Rental Courtesy Letter.) The letter describes that the District may not rent space to the Charter because space is a valuable commodity both in terms of future in-district students growth needs and in terms of the District’s ability to generate more revenue through other measures other than renting space.

    I can certainly understand how this letter is concerning to parents of current Charter School students.  I, and the Corbett School Board, want to take this opportunity to address those concerns.  I think to properly address those concerns we need to look back at the history of the Charter School itself.

A Look Back at History:

    Five years ago, when I was the principal, Corbett was host to around 170 inter-district transfer students. Some of those students had been “Corbett Kids” for many years.  They had been attending Corbett since they were in grade school and they were looking forward to graduating from Corbett.  Then, without any warning, our neighboring districts announced that the days of signing inter-district transfers were all but over.

    Then, like now, those students represented students and parents to whom Corbett School District had made a commitment, a commitment to educate, a commitment to care for, a commitment to honor the choice of parents to attend Corbett School District.

Because of that commitment we formed Corbett Charter School.  I use that term because it really was “we”. I served on one the first Charter Board, as did Corbett School Board members, Corbett teachers, and Corbett residents. Corbett teachers helped craft the application for a $500,000 grant that helped the Charter get started.  In the first year of the Charter operation every employee was a Corbett School District employee.  The reason we all did this was because of a commitment the District had made  to those 170 kids who had made the choice to be educated in Corbett School District.

Then, like now, honoring the choice of non-residents to attend Corbett School District is something I hold dear.  I know the staff at school does too.  Further, the Corbett School Board does as well.

Corbett School District’s Commitment and a Look to the Future

    In a nutshell, IF the Corbett School District determines it is not in the best interest of all Corbett students to continue renting space to the Corbett Charter School I am confident that Corbett School District will stand by its commitment to honor the choice of current non-resident students to continue their educations in Corbett School District.

    House Bill 3681 provides an avenue for all current non-resident students to continue their educational experience in Corbett School District. It provides a way for Corbett School District to honor the commitment made by out of district students and their families while doing what is best for all students.


    Corbett School District is committed to the education of all students.

Randy Trani, Superintendent

Corbett School District Board of Directors-

Mark Hyzer

Bob Buttke

Charlie O’Neil

Todd Mickalson

Jeff Aho

Victoria Purvine

Annette Calcagno