Charter Renewal Hearing Wednesday, January 22nd at 7:30 in the MPB by Randy Trani

The Corbett Charter School has requested that their Charter be renewed.  The Board will hold a hearing Wednesday, January 22nd in the MPB.  This Charter renewal hearing is open to the public and will begin at 7:30.  The format will include a presentation by the Corbett Charter Association, response from the District if needed, public comment, and board discussion.  The Board may approve or deny the renewal based upon the following five criteria.

The Board is tasked with evaluating the request for renewal based upon these criteria:
House Bill  2875
(8)(a) The sponsor shall base the charter renewal decision on a good faith evaluation of whether the public charter school:

(A) Is in compliance with this chapter and all other applicable state and federal laws;
(B) Is in compliance with the charter of the public charter school;
(C) Is meeting or working toward meeting the student performance goals and agreements specified in the charter or any other written agreements between the sponsor and the public charter school governing body;
(D) Is fiscally stable and has used the sound financial management system described in the
proposal submitted under ORS 338.045 and incorporated into the written charter under this section;
(E) Is in compliance with any renewal criteria specified in the charter of the public charter
(b) The sponsor shall base the
renewal evaluation described in paragraph (a) of this subsection primarily on a review of the public charter school’s annual performance reports, annual audit of accounts and annual site visit and review as required by ORS 338.095 and any other information mutually agreed upon by the public charter school governing body and the sponsor.
The Board has 10 days from the hearing to alert the Charter Association of their intent to renew or not.  If the Board elects not to renew the Charter then the Charter Association may appeal to the State of Oregon.  The State of Oregon could overrule the District Board and sponsor the Charter renewal. If the Charter itself is renewed by the District Board a 90 day period begins where a new charter agreement is negotiated.